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Children, Growth and Healing

Connect people, share ideas, create a platform for collaboration and harmony.

Have Enthusiasm, Touch Lives

We Began in 2013

Publish, Content, Heart, Good Intentions

Demand Perfection

Imran with trees at tryagri.com, Esayanur

Imran with tearful rendition of Johnny Cash's "Man in Black"


Attributes: Endurance | Cheerfulness | Fearlessness | Plasticity | Confidence | Enthusiasm | Generosity | Vigilance | Humility | Sincerity | Aspiration | Rectitude.

  1. Collaborate and Co-create
  2. Give Generously and Feelingly
  3. Help Us, Take Help from us, go PAY IT FORWARD.

7 Ideas on the Point of Beginning

Workshops, Videos, Articles

Disruptive Economics and Game B thinking

Dance Without Owners on a Common Planet

Imran Ali Namazi, Founder, Writer and Ideator - Total Failure???

  1. Strong on Ideation, Weak on Execution
  2. Easy to Make Contact, Hard to make continued engagement
  3. Writing and Creativity Flows, but still unheard and underappreciated
  4. Have Million Dollar Plans, haven't made a Rupee
  5. Large Hearted, but torn and conflicted and being beaten down
  6. Wants pillars and pioneers who will lend their wings to this, my 10 years of consecrated effort


  1. Ideas for Children's Emotional and Social Development
  2. Ideas for Growth and Healing Spaces, for public, schools and offices
  3. Healing through Words and Workshops
  4. Brilliant Web Technology for life's missions that need to be content tracked

DNA for 20 20-member teams

  1. Imran backs 20 founders for 20 organizations that all share the same team chemistry and web technology
  2. The profits are distributed to the team members (who have equal stake) and an emergency fund is present
  3. Nominations to charities can be made in the roster of 20
  4. This NEW DNA becomes a model for conscious businesses

What We Do

BE ANY: Observer, Critic, Participant, Teammember, Founder