Manifesting Realms Project

Meant to magnify goodness and get forward thinking individuals and groups to acknowledge and support one another, helping each other's "dreamt of realm" to manifest sooner...

This community, dormant since the 26th day of March 2021, is now, as of May 2nd 2022, the home for the Manifesting Realms Project with the single minded purpose of achieving the Life Divine here on Earth.

Programmer by day, dreamer / writer when I can, I try and snatch moments of inspiration to tell the story of the people I know and love. Every day stories that make us laugh or cry. Come lets share a part of each other's lives... We have after all, one life to live!

They say you best know a creature by knowing what gives them comfort.

  1. I am comforted to know that there are worlds where the true value of art is understood.
  2. That there are worlds where Bright Ones choose to come back out of love to teach us.
  3. That God's divine spark exists through music which brings us our ebbs and flows.
  4. That the powerful play goes on and ye may contribute a verse. That human things must be known to be loved, but divine things must be loved to be known.
  5. That music exists which can heal hurts (imagine / lady in black),
  6. bring you to your knees (gethsemane),
  7. make u want to go on (closer to believing, coming back to life),
  8. think of enlightenment (the wall),
  9. think of all that's good in you and
  10. make you want to give it all.

That 1 book of 5 novellas can call out to you thrice to action. That a simple cry of "daylight shall come again", the night is passing can bring tears to your eyes. That the sunlit path is within you if only you'll let go.

I am here to Gather Support for the

  1. Manifesting Realms Project
  2. Institute for Development of Effective Applications of Spirituality
  3. Projects Nom, Serenity and Raising Humanity
  4. Institute de Recherches Evolutives
  5. Order of Iluvatar and Beren's Quest Rekindled

Imran on Clubhouse, May 2022

I have written a few poems on the subject, and invite you, dear comrade to come breathe fresh perspective and courage into our collective will.

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