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Saifys Retreat - [Value Life]

We need to give orientation to everybody who would seek shelter in a farm or for that matter even that orientation can be for anybody as a programme and that orientation can be on absolute well being.

God has created us to stay healthy throughout our life - it is our own mind which interferes with fear, selfishness, greed and lack of trust in God which invites disease.

Disease in the body - if we understand this concept that the life creator is the sustainer and he's sustaining the entire universe and sustaining me also - that foundation begins the change.

Now even though this is simple - but we have been conditioned right from the beginning with developing of our identity and ego and achievement and all that as a result we have made our life complicated, inviting disease all the time ultimately we after money we are after achievement identity which which is even though meaningless and so this retreat is meant to make people decondition themselves from from all that faulty conditioning so that they can understand that they are free.

They can then experience liberty from all conditioning that is putting them in shackles of "me", "my people", "my religion", "my community", "my country", "my family" all this is inviting not only direct acute disease but chronic disease and infective disease.

So I do give them a clarity on that we are organising retreat on absolute well being. Why the word absolute because there are no multiple ways to the truth. Truth is always absolute there's only one truth - they cannot be "your truth", "my truth", "half truth", "quarter truth" and so on.

So absolute word means the complete no other option total truth and well being has to be total you can't say that I can have diabetes and I can continue to live I can have blood pressure - the very fact that you have an element it is a sign that you have to restore your health so every every person first can be given a total wash.

You cannot have a car wash with few things remaining in dirt - anything that goes for a wash has to be completely clean a complete oil has to be replaced all toxicity must go all conditioning must go so absolute well being is that kind of a programme where we give them a retreat in such a way that... with a self cleaning mechanism after they undergo that programme, they know how to self clean and for that as you know I have designed something called "36 question format".

They go through the question again they are refreshed and clean. This we have to do it in such a way that it is not that I have to deliver I can give this format and where people live by that, who invites that automatically becomes the facilitator and then they in turn deliver it to their groups and like that in a honeycomb way one person guides 5 people.

Saify, 24 Oct 2021