WoW in Schools

Description: An invitation for schools to build better PTA networks, curate programs and create Wish Centres at school to impact children positively.

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WoW in Schools

Respected Teacher / Parent,

WoW (Wish On, World) is an initiative in schools by that proffers a Wish Class which aims to engage the children in self-chosen co and extra curricular activities in the school, both during and after school hours, in a non disruptive manner.

We are backed by several educators mentioned in our "note from our wellwishers" sheet attached. You can read more about us at

There are multiple ways you can engage with us:

  1. Get your parents and teachers to interact more frequently and network with other PTA groups from other schools on our PACT platform.
  2. Try the pilot sessions where we send a colleague to your school to demonstrate how the 1-1 sessions with the children can work.
  3. Attend our online workshops
  4. Form a Core Group of teachers and parents and let them brainstorm with us on how the Wish Classes can best be established. This can be through email correspondence, WhatsApp communication or regular Video Calls.

Do give us an opportunity to meet with you and introduce first hand, this novel approach to education which nurtures the children through "Joyful Learning Activities", making them truly enthusiastic about what they are learning and guiding their all round emotional, spiritual and social development.

Feel free to explore our promoted programs such as the sensory enhancement program, the Instrumental Enrichment or the guided meditations.

We have compiled resources to help the children in the different areas of their growth and development which consider the current needs of children and parents.

What makes the wish class unique is that we seek to involve the parents to spend time in school working with other children and we encourage forming a tightly knit community to share their common interests and ideas, creating a wonderful bond for the parents and children.

Do contact us to discuss the details, financial aspects etc and tell us your challenges and specific objectives. We are here to assist in every way possible.

Imran, 8 April 2020