YM is at BEGINNINGS - this means that while we do have some IDEAS, none have been adopted (because of us) yet. And while we are trying to champion CAUSES with our #DirectDonations idea, no one has (because of us) come forward to SUPPORT anyone YET. Just to set a realistic picture! Yes, we plan to be in business another few hundred years and have a long roadmap. Officially, our journey began on Aug 10th 2013 with Imran.

Serenity :: Healing Resource Center

Description: Intended as both journal and resource center, Serenity is waiting for a seasoned healer to come breathe it to life.

Find out more at YieldMore.org: People and Practices that aid in Healing


Serenity is the name of the Health Journal of YieldMore.org. We feature articles by our healers who post often to our facebook group. See their Videos and Events.

When we say health, we mean not only physical and emotional health, but intellectual, professional, financial, spiritual, social and environmental. A certain holism is involved in our integrated approach.

The directory exists to help YOU / YOUR FAMILY, COMPANY OR COMMUNITY grow into much healthier persons in touch with their emotions, desires and needs.