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DEEP AT THE CENTRE OF MY BEING there is an infinite well of love.

I now allow this love to flow to the surface. It fills my heart, my body, my mind, my consciousness, my very being, and radiates out from me in all directions and returns to me multiplied. The more love I use and give, the more I have to give, the supply is endless. The use of love makes ME FEEL GOOD, it is an expression of my inner joy.

I love myself therefore, I take loving care of my body. I lovingly feed it nourishing foods and beverages, I lovingly groom it and dress it, and my body lovingly responds to me with vibrant health and energy. I love myself therefore, I provide for myself a comfortable home, one that fills all my needs and is a pleasure to be in.

Louise Hay - Heal Your Body

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Affirmations Program (Jan 2019)

It sometimes takes a lifetime to find that our purpose in life was a life of purpose. Whatever the purpose, pursue it with all tenacity. Then, over time, you notice, it changes. The dream I'm chasing now is not quite the same as I was 10, 5 or even 2 years ago.

If the core of what I am has not changed, then what has? My perspective - the lens with which I view the world. Am I a better worker, friend, confidante, teacher, son or citizen?

There cannot be any self development without ultimately a better developed society, and society cannot be said to be developed until there is a place for every last man/woman in it! All for one and one for all as Dumas put it.

We come in all sorts, with differing abilities and ambitions. Things around affect us differently. Some make us laugh, some make us cry. In the midst of it all, what do we focus on? Well, anything that gives you comfort and courage. Craftsmanship is indeed the order of the day. I say craft to underscore that every vocation, profession, hobby has an element of the arts in it. I've said before about artful skill and skilful art being the need of the hour. A need to harmonize the 2 halves of our brain. It is then that life takes on a fresh meaning, full of colour and wondrous sound.

Music can change our mood and ideas our convictions and thus actions. The process of evolution has been referred to as an experiment in neurolinguistic and phonetic programming, because it is words, ideas and sounds which govern us.

The best way to consciously program the subconscious is by tuning in to the "Secret Universal Mind" - for this, there is a program by Kelly Howell of that delivers on putting you in touch with your inner being, and watches as you come alive, living "a new wave of inspiration". A large part of what I am today is because I tried it and it worked.

Today we inaugurate our own [Self Made] "Affirmations" program. Meet any counsellor and ask them to help you change your thinking vocabulary. Remove the negative impressions and thoughts, think hard about your wellness in all facets namely Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual, Professional, Financial, Environmental & Social. Lay out in clear words what motivates you, what your goals are, how your working to get them, what gives you peace of mind.

Then record these words and play them back to yourself everyday until your convictions are marrow deep / you feel it in your gut. The affirmations template runs as follows:

  • My core values are...
  • My values are...
  • I live for...
  • My qualitative goals include...
  • I am unique in that I...
  • My relation to a higher purpose or God is that...

When you affirm life, you will realize that we live not alone. We live in the lap of God. And God has many children, both sentient and non-sentient.

Thus, we discover the JOY OF GIVING. Of Sharing, Of Loving! Jan 2019, Imran Ali Namazi /

Affirmations 0 (Jun 2017)

I am bright, energetic and resourceful. I am loved by family and friends.

I have a wonderful career ahead of me and am lucky to have a job that I love and can excel at. I have a great boss and am excited to be in the education/evaluation sector. I look forward to my daily work with positivity and vigour.

I have a healthy routine of early morning exercise followed by walking and pranayama. I reach office by 10 and come home by 7. My evenings I spend with mom, dad and family.

I don't waste my time on the phone and all my internet time I keep to a minimum - maybe 15 mins after lunch. I read for a while before dinner and sometimes wake early to write.

I take great strides on weekends wrt my burning passion, always balancing the human element. I also devote 2 hours on weekends to people who need a friend. I make one video a week and keep adding content. I'm confident of my future success and don't need validation from people who don't take the time to understand.

In this venture I am greatly aided by the wonderful people who support me esp the ones who take the idea to new places.

I also find time to devote to helping my father with the family business.

I'm crazy about family and friends and they give me the strength to carry on. I think often of my grandfathers and strive to make them proud with the right balance of personal - work - people and soul!


Affirmations 1 (April 2020)



I am as young and energetic as I need to be. Every day I accomplish a number of things, always staying positive and productive.

There are a number of things dependent on me and I'm always able to meet the need of the hour. I prioritize well and I dont stress myself unnecessarily.

When I feel low, I'm able to give in to the feeling, fully embracing it without suppression or being too overwhelmed. I bounce back fairly quickly because I am strong and resilient and have no quit in me.

I think often of my parents and the trials they must have endured. I love them unconditionally and hold nothing against them, whether a lost opportunity from my youth or a blank look of incomprehension at the struggles I go through.

I am supportive of my friends for I understand the value of timely emotional support when the world is being especially harsh. We share our ups and downs and are good to each other.

My work has me worried but I learn to let this impel me to focus and get hurdles out of the way so I can be streamlined and stress free as quickly as possible.

I am grateful for the romance in my life and to have a partner to augment and complement my energies.

I want to provide a solid foundation for my children, let them enjoy all the happiness that they deserve while maturing quickly and being sensitive to the people around them. I indulge their wants and help them explore and develop their skills, all the while preparing them emotionally for the grandeur that is life, with its rollercoaster of ups and downs.

I love myself and do not neglect my own welfare. I look after my body and soul, nourishing it with food, exercise, hobbies, healthy relationships and I enthusiastically take steps towards reaching my dreams with each passing week.

My needs are simple and I find myself always grateful for the grace of the divine. I have a daily ritual of prayer, showing my deepest gratitude for the bounties of life and the love of near and dear ones.

When I dont seem to be getting my way whether at work or with personal desires, I dont let this get to me. I instead instead divert my attention to other tasks or wishes, knowing that patience is an important virtue.

I treasure each new day with its gifts and challenges and I look forward to living a full and gratifying life.

On a good day, I make time for exercise, cooking, working, spending time with my children, partner, parents, friends and most importantly, a quiet moment to reflect on and appreciate the beauty of life.

I'm gonna make my life spectacular and not complain at the little niggles. I invite you to do the same.

Lovingly Yours, Me

Affirmations 2 (Sep 2021)

I have half my life left to live. It's been long and tough, But I AM MADE OF adamantine!

A sensitive kid and well bred, I use humour to mask my deepest feelings and tribulations.

Always told I would never "amount to much" I've learnt to shape that anger to push myself to excel in areas my peers would never dream of.

A quite successful business graduate, practitioner and employer, I soon plan to up the ante and teach at a few business schools.

Through it all, I have not lost the human touch, something that makes perfect sense to the kind of relationships I make - personal, professional and social.

I have a goofy buddy who tells me things he perceives about my inner strength and wisdom, a sliver of which he hopes I will pass on to my family, daughter and son.

Married nearly 10 years now, I'm genuinely ecstatic to be husband and father though it's not always a cakewalk. And it should not be, it's only the test of fire that makes fine steel.

Everyday of my life, I decide to "deny mediocrity", have something to BELIEVE IN, that sees the whole as so much MORE than the sum of its parts.

I let my spirituality and sense of identity enter into everything I do, and let the universe manifest my profoundest dreams. I love this crazy world and crazily, she loves me too.

Lovingly, Me

Affirmations 3 (Jan 2022)

Dear Friend,

We are all beautiful humane beings. While the world may seem callous, it is actually giving us a chance to understand it's maladies and pains and help us bring it back to life with our love, gentle and strong.

So be strong my dear and know that these niggles only come as a blessing for they but serve to remind us of the adamantine we are built with and the poise and balance that we bring in our relentless pursuit of truth, peace and love.

It is but God who puts on the veil of ignorance in the cosmic play, who dances for our delight, who keeps us fit by sparring with us on all 8 dimensions and who helps us carry our hopes forward a generation.

Those children we are bringing up are indeed blessed and carry a smear of pain, once again, to give them the context or rasa of life, that they too in turn will infuse it with love in their own time.

"Tremble not, fear not, grieve not, for in your apparent body lies One who can create and extinguish worlds with a breath" sayeth the Isha Upanishad, so consider the equanimity that comes to those who are steadfast in their faith, remaining expressions of the cosmic love, and serve most ardently the Divine.

Go now and gather strength indomitable to yourself that thou may conquer the heights and unleash the forces of nature to work with you for the fruition of your cause.

Lovingly, Imran