YieldMore has many ideas and one of them is the Conscious Marketplace. We charge an annual Rs 8000 for being listed here, an additional 5k for producing the consultant's video - he/she will have to make the script themselves. The person will also be able to post articles on our forum, make posts on our GB Group and be included in the print brocures that we circulate as well. A logical next step would be to engage our Social Media and Web Services.

Our Core Team alone is quite established in IT and Media and is amply augmented by the professionals of our directory.

Since we have a number of healers and life coaches in our network, holistic growth for both individuals and groups is another service, aided by the free content we have as well.

Take a look at our "Consulting" page. for more details on what all we offer / can do.

We are also good at business consulting, idea execution, web development, content creation.

Some of our Senior Team engages in consulting to educational institutions and companies where we hope to establish our community centres.

Since the Marketplace is all about a values based approach, we are also developing a program on "Brand Consulting and Coaching for Conscious Businesses".