Workshops and Sessions

Candid Gatherings for Inspiration, Abundance, Healing and Expression



Aim and Salient Features of the Program

  1. To enable individuals and groups to "Get In Touch" with their inner-most selves and explore their latent talents.
  2. To Utilize the platform of these many gatherings to establish and propagate the idea to others who would benefit from it, then pay it forward.
  3. Record candidly the entire program and release uncut as far as possible / with minimum polish (onto the YM / Faces youtube channel) for the benefit of future sessions.
  4. Add more facets to the personalities of the defined target audience. 5 Venue: Chennai - Guild of Service, Egmore | Faridun's House, Egmore | Nalam Hall, Kodambakkam 6 Facilitators: Imran Ali Namazi | Mustafa Badsha | Narayan M Rao
  5. Target Audience may INCLUDE:
    • Persons both male and female who wish to enhance their knowledge of their innermost selves and who would release their pains and burdens, being vulnerable for that moment.
    • Age Group - 15 years ols to 90 years young.
    • Professions - Students, Unemployed, Working Masses, Freshers, Team Leaders, Seasoned Parents, Industry Captains ETC
    • Attitude - People who would help liberate HUMANITY FROM THRALDOM and do their utmost to SERVE ONE ANOTHER.
    • Income Group - Anything. Base Price for program is Rs 10,000 but will entertain amounts from Rs 500 to genuinely soulful candidates.
    • Size of Group - From 6 to 24 - Offline First, Venues and Groups Welcome.

Chief Ideator's Message - Sep 2022

  1. What is a word truly worth? Was it worth our time, emotion, energy?
  2. Do we choose carefully our words? Are we reaffirming a positive spirit or reinforcing a negative thought or experience? Are we shy or self conscious or feel we are inarticulate?
  3. It is said to be mindful of our thoughts for they become -> words -> actions -> habits -> character and finally our legacy to the rest of humanity. Is it possible to think through feelings? Convey feelings without words? Or in as few words as possible? Does the music we hear, the stories we read and the content we watch really inspire us, making us more compassionate and brimming with positivity?
  4. Can we begin a new phase in our lives of mindfulness, reflection and most deliberate action? Never forgetting to smell the roses on the way, or to break out in smiles, laughter and be oft moved to tears? Can we promise ourselves to always be strong and be a salve of healing to our fellow beings? Can we let ourselves be ourselves without fear of judgement or seeming vulnerable or even downright quirky?
  5. You may not believe the levels of creativity within us that we can cultivate when we listen deep to the song of life and let it burst forth in our speech.
  6. We dont often pamper ourselves with the time and effort to invest in our own happiness, for most often we are either stressed due to enormous constraints and pains, or trying to catch a moment's peace, or somewhat idle / mindless.
  7. Can we promise to change our habits and reach for the stars, being our own heroes?

Sessions in Program

Awakening Feelings Through Story

Inspired Music and Books

  • Short and Sweet - Our Anthem
  • Curious Lives - Richard Bach
  • Tolkien's Creation Myth and Case for Art

  • Abundance Session

    Can we create an inner abundance by following a liberating set of daily practices and affirmations?

    "Share-and-Heal" Session

    This interaction could include

    "My First Nature Poems" Session

    In this workshop, we will go through the following phases, to create our first two Nature poems. You will have to trust in the process and let go of your inhibitions. I say, in the first person

    Our Own Nature

    These reflective exercises could be performed as frequently as possible in phases or spells.

    1. Understanding and reflecting on my own Nature
    2. Memories that have shaped me.
    3. Unfulfilled Desires and their final meaning / gift.
    4. For forgotten heroes at each stage of my life.
    5. What would I do unto eternity, over many births of rich experience.

    The Nature of People

    Mother Nature

    Text to Speech

    Select Voice