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Shelter home are where people have been abandoned and they come and stay there. There are 60 shelter homes in Chennai which both me and my wife visit. In these shelter homes, we segregate them into three groups:

  1. the one who are capable of working who can go outside but they need shelter
  2. another who are already working but somewhere needing works and were working but they don't have shelter
  3. one category who cannot work there probably you know handicap

So for all the three some work is still possible for them to be kept occupied with dignity and that is what we do. Certain places my wife puts them to some kind of a rehabilitation place like some farms and gives them some work on the other as a result their dignity get established and then they become totally different person.

They become very valuable person like for example most of the ladies she has put in farms they become very useful there some are making coconut oil with the dried coconut that is there from the coconut trees that is one project. In other places too ladies are making food for the dogs and feeding upto half a dozen dogs in that farm.

Taking care of the cows and keeping the entire place clean how happy the landowner of that farm is - only if you visit the farm you know so when we value life that life gets very satisfied that something and somebody is valued and that inspires them to get into action.

So anybody who values life the value of that life will come into play every life is valuable so give them a fine reputation give them dignity and you see how they perform and give back to the society.

Abandoning is never the solution - a man for his selfishness and greed can abandon people but God in his mercy will always care for the life very much for God is merciful. So if you have to really benefit from God's mercy for your life you show the same attribute for other person's life. Develop compassion if you need compassion from God compassion is we can say in other words passion for common people...

Saify, 24 Oct 2021

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