I built a self growing repository of information called yieldmore.org and managed to seed it with 100 odd articles of various use to mankind.

It's network encourages educators, writers, healers, philanthropists and their teams to collaborate in a close knit social experiment for the larger good.

We promote good health and healing through a series of articles, specialists, videos, programs, thought and healing systems, people, institutions and movements.

All content and programs do not originate with us, rather we repost information from the internet and slowly include the thoughts and topics of interest from our ever growing community.

I've only developed a proof of concept over the past 6 years but the whole orchestration seems ready to try to get off the ground.

At its core is the information bureau which keeps growing as we learn and add new content to it. We refine it and add a science of prescription as we try using its nuggets of information and activities to the use of individuals and groups who can come in with any kind or problem or niggle.

I am trying to include people who have a wealth of experience and knowledge about what works practically. Some with programs and organizations of their own.

We're looking to promote physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, professional, financial, social and environmental wellness via a free information portal. Individuals who volunteer for us to man a "Joyland Center" will be encouraged to freely help out but not all will be able to do so.

Some specialists will request us to promote their businesses or activities. Volunteers may want help in return for themselves or family members. Love and service for humanity being the driving or motive force, we want to establish an "Emotional Favour Bank" where money, time, skills and resources are exchanged freely in a true spirit of oneness.

This sort of values based interaction works well in quasi utopian remote communities like ashrams and retreats like Auroville but I'm not sure if it's been tried in chaotic, stress riddled city community centres, which is precisely what I would like to discuss trying at your facility on OMR.

What I've been developing for some time now is an integrated discovery, discussion, interaction, teaching, consulting, practice and rejuvenation center where no distinction is made between caregiver / patient (think k-pax). All are learners, teachers, healers and philanthropists just at varying levels of skillset development and healing.

These are just the broad outlines of my proposal. It takes much effort and planning. Readers are requested to join the WhatsApp group to contribute.

Looking forward with much excitement,
30 June 2019