#when: 12 July 2019

IT companies large and small would vastly benefit from a small recreation room where multiple things can happen. We call these multi rooms and the following can take place in them.

Employees engage in co-curricular activities like pet projects and skill/professional development where they work with others from other teams.
A counsellor can help them sort out their troubles and has a record of each person's needs and progress.
Support groups are formed
A day care can be run, also a kitchen.
Workshops can be taken by educators and healers. Family members of employees can be invited.
A library of personal and professional development articles is made.
A digital library for movie nights and jukebox is slowly legally accumulated.
Charity work to neighbouring orphanages, old age homes etc is organised.
Ideas, content and lessons learnt are shared with other centres in the Joyland network via the hub YielMore.org, its originator.

All this depends on the interests of the decision makers in the company and their commitment to maintaining a family atmosphere and including actual families of their employees.


#when: 6 Aug 2019

For example, this is a TODOLIST!

Please do the following (JLC Todolist)

1. Call your loved ones and tell them you love them, support them, and live for them.
2. Tell yourself 10 amazing things that make you you.
3. Take your wife out for dinner.
4. Call your brother and tell him you will call him more often.
5. Listen to a song that motivates you to become stronger, kinder and more confident.
6. Send an email to your boss about how your going to improve, what changes you can achieve and how your going to help the other staff.
7. Once that is done, tell him you need a place to make this happen in a more systematic way.
8. Once you have that place, use it to heal and educate employees, their families and the general public.
9. Create or expand your civil support reach and work for the needy, once again, involve your families and the general public.
10. Work this way all your life and die rich in the coin of spirit.

[A more specific Todolist to follow]