Joyland was designed in Feb to work in an 8 room house, and 3 areas outside.

First was the detox area where a vow is to be made to improve the quality of one's life.

Then a reception with a screen which let's the user pick something inspiring, say it out loud, choose an energy drink and with much enthusiasm, cross the threshold.

The first room called Ethos gives a clear map on the 8 facets of wellness elaborated in the earlier message. 2 desks at the centre give information booklets and leaflets on various articles, programs, people and organisations.

Next room is the interaction zone where discussion takes place and movies or presentations are viewed.

4 rooms for learning, healing, charity work and retail of books and organic products surround the first 2 rooms.

Also is a small digital library. The charity room has few computers for general purpose and visitors may volunteer to do the work required or learn the skills needed to promote these charities from home.

The kitchen also has a dispensary and a sit out with tables. I had hoped to have a small memorial wall somewhere here as well.

On the other side of the reception is an exercise yard.

People are asked to pay 1000Rs for 6 tokens that give a 150 discount on whatever is purchased in the 6 rooms upto 1 month.

They are welcome to stay say 6 hours relaxing and exploring and come back multiple times.

Every visitor is seen as a friend because after all this is a close knit family and is given a chance to put their own skills and experience to common good.

We wanted to invite batches of say 20 to spend a day. When a person visiting tells us in advance their wishes for Personal, Family, Professional and Society, we can brainstorm when they are at Joyland and slowly set things in motion.

All this is possible at any center or few rooms. I can even simplify the concept to a person wearing a tee-shirt in a park that says come talk to me... Joy Chat...

June 30th 2019
(Based on Ideas formulated in Feb)