Imran / YieldMore team

- We fulfil our mission of maximum benefit to the largest numbers by having these "community centers" integrating various ideas formed with YM over the past 6 years.
- A physical interaction model whereas YM was virtual.
- Testing our collaborative, donation based ideas
- Establishing a Favour Bank going away from money
- Creating a platform where products, programs and services can be curated and it's originators can reach to a larger audience.


- People who liked the general precepts of YM, get to participate in its fulfilment
- They have access to the network to try their own ideas and programs out.
- Develop what is presently only a barebones outline into a working model that can scale globally.

People with places / resources

- See their investment for the community reaping manifold rewards
- Joyland is a set of guiding principles, not a rigid system so they can be adapted to suit you, the principal supporter's needs

Peer Group

Pillars (Consultants)

These are the healer, educators, mentors and social workers who tirelessly work together for everyone's benefit.

Players (Happy Users)

These people embrace the idea and volunteer as apprentice pillars, doing good for visitors and the community at large.

Users (People with a Need)

This is only how you come at the beginning. We want you to heal, stand on two strong feet and become volunteers in other aspects.