Intimate Healing Spaces

12 years ago, I read these words -"a dream by Mirra Alfassa" written in 1952, materialized as Auroville in 1968 and still counting as "the place" in 2022 - the place of an unending education, of constant progress, and a youth that never ages.

But what do I know about healing, or building or of gathering people? I know my heart speaks with a certain passion. For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining; and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction.

"Intimate Healing Spaces" - can these spring up from our houses and hearts where we invite people to come share their woes, draw strength from one another and stand at each other's side until all maladies are passed and the Kingdom is Won. Not an abstract Kingdom, with a ruler, but rather a "Kindom" where LoveForLife springs, not subjugating people or coercing them to do things against their will.

So, what do we know about our "houses and hearts"?

  1. Our hearts are expansive and when tended to carefully, can engulf whole universes in them.
  2. Our houses are but temporary dwelling places for the soul.
  3. [Our soul] burns yonder millions of miles away in the infinite reaches of Space
  4. We house each other hurts and dreams carefully as a parent does.

In 2019 / 2020, I designed physical spaces, calling them then Joyland. The idea still seems good, but how to harvest it, I dont know.

Core and Definitions

  1. That collaboratively we can share valuable insights into the human condition, roll up our sleeves and put ourselves willingly and joyously at the disposal of our brothers and sisters.
  2. That health is the right of every individual, group and species. That there are 8 facets of health - Physical / Emotional / Intellectual / Spiritual / Financial / Professional / Social / Environmental.
  3. That we are the voice of the disenchanted, misunderstood and neglected. That we will find it in ourselves to fight the good fight and carry the day, serving our deity to the best extent possible.
  4. Joy is the "promised land" the Cosmic Consciousness bestows on you for acting inspired and mindful, fully in the moment, following the source of inspiration that comes from every breath.
  5. Land is the place where we come together to dream of and then build it into reality.
  6. Time - there is only one time in which to act - NOW, so throw away all hangovers of the past, and come back to life, upon the single ACT OF YOUR LOVE.
  7. Common Wealth is wealth in common, everyday abundance. A heritage we look forward to, enhancing and enlivening as we pass it on to our progeny.
  8. Grace is the sanction of the Divine Lila to give ourselves the freedom to choose or decide which of our many future selves ought to manifest.
  9. Aspiration is the passion with which we pursue meaningful, timeless goals. We exert our collective will to become something more than machine, something beyond [wo]man.
  10. Accidents - as Oogway says, there are NO ACCIDENTS, only fortuitous incidents playing out just as we in our Swa-Lila planned it all.

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