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Storytelling and Poetry Workshop

Description: Exposure to adventures and ideas helps children develop rich, fully-textured world-views. Self expression is very important too.

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4 week Storytelling and Poetry Workshop

Designer: Imran - imran@yieldmore.org / +919841223313
Status: Searching for resource people and pilot schools / online classes

Part of our series on Creative Expression, the Storytelling and Poetry Workshop for children combines exploration with expression to facilitate their emotional development. It is an ongoing affair and can be arranged by the Parent Teacher Association as related to our Education Network - PACT.

Week 0 - Preparation / Curation

For exploration, we conduct storytelling sessions but first prepare the parents and teachers in the art of curation. They are asked to make small articles / video clips talking about the various stories, music and movies that have uplifted / influenced them, share clips and links etc. These are compiled here: Curation, Learning, Creativity and Education. This process is initiated 1 month before the workshop begins.

Week 2 - Parallel Development

Children are exposed to Audio Programs that help refresh the mind and balance the creative / logical hemispheres. We suggest Monroe's Spirits Journey and Brain Gym. Interested parents may also consider the BRiCS program / Instrumental Enrichment. This is started 2 weeks before the storytelling classes begin.

Week 2 - Exploration and Journaling

The children are then asked to explore these curations and maintain a journal of their thoughts, preparing to talk about something that they emote / connect with in the 6th week.

Week 5 and 6 - Storytelling Class

Different stories and poems will be covered here and an interactive discussion following. Passages may be selected instead of an abridged story.

Week 6 - Storytelling Experience

In the 6th week, the Children each will be asked to present a story to the class which is also submitted to the resource persons for individualised feedback. This is the start of their expression. They are asked to bring their journal as well for the discussion.

Week 7 and 8 - Poetry Workshop

An interactive session where the children are asked to spontaneously express themselves and together write poems (in groups of 5) and as an assignment for the final week will be conducted.