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While a blueprint of our plans for the workplace are soon to follow, we invite you to read this old article below.

Organizational Excellence

source: Old Inputs from Imran.

An OEx Team is the core team of a company that drives its Quality or Continuous Improvement Process. Like any team, it needs goals, iterations, leads, stakeholders, process and a prioritization system. So we suggest creating an "Organizational Excellence" project in your favourite Project Management Tool and rolling up your sleeves!

Quality not seen in the narrow way of testing each task, but as in the vision of Total Quality Management (Bill Creech)

We suggest you first list the factors that affect the outcome, such as:

  • Process
    • Technology and Tools
    • Reducing Bottlenecks and Dependencies
  • Training
    • Feedback Loop on Errors and Learning
  • Enthusiasm
    • Corporate Counselling
    • Team Building
    • In-office Joyland
  • Personal Discipline (Due Diligence)
    • Checklists
    • Self SWOT Analysis
    • Time Management
  • Talent
    • Skillset
    • Toolset
    • Sharpening the Saw
  • Documentation
    • Intellectual Capital
  • Task Management and Specifications Detailing
    • Running with the 2 line requirement

These become the categories / tags. Now the GOALS of the Management for each Team become the features that need to be achieved. What follows is a group (OrgEx team) exercise in task breakdown, estimation, prioritization and making a workable scope in each.

One a few milestones worth of goals and tasks are fed into the system, the key players from management are presented and a backlog grooming session is done. Launch the project and give the whole company / its team leaders tasks on a daily basis. It's now time to roll up your sleeves and get everyone working.

All the very best. Tell me when the baby is born and management is happy with the outcome!

Imran, "Evolving Sunlight" program of | 2nd Sep 2019

Mindful Work

WoW (Wish On, World) at Work / Joyland at work was an Initiative of to help companies in their pursuit of "Organizational Excellence". It simply had this suggestion :-

Companies large and small would vastly benefit from a small recreation room where multiple things can happen. We call these multi-rooms and the following takes place in them:

  • Employees engage in co-curricular activities like pet projects and skill / professional development where they get to work with others from other teams too.
  • A counselor helps them sort out their troubles and has a record of each person's needs and progress
  • Support groups are formed.
  • A day care is run, also a healthy foods kitchen.
  • Workshops by educators and healers to benefit employees and their families.
  • A library of personal / professional development articles and resources is made.
  • A digital library of movies and songs is slowly (legally) accumulated.
  • Charity work to neighbouring orphanages, old age homes etc is organized.
  • Centres like these are linked with other centres in the YM WoW network and mutual sharing of ideas / content is done.

All of this could easily be put in place and decision makers in companies will see vast improvements in capability, productivity and commitment from their employees. A home feel is created.

  • Imran, 12 Jul 2019

Conscious Business

Consciousness is the main source of organizational greatness. Conscious business, explains Fred Kofman, means finding your passion and expressing your essential values through your work. A conscious business seeks to promote the intelligent pursuit of happiness in all its stakeholders.
- Fred Kofman

I have long had an interest in seeing being done a sort of coaching / internal reorienting for #ConsciousBusiness and have asked Mustafa with his varied experience, to do a series on the same.