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[short writeup about Value Life Mission and its various links]

Value Life Mission - [Value Life]


The objective behind value life mission is we must value all life. The very fact that we are experiencing this life and while we are experiencing this life via seeing and feeling - based on our feeling we're choosing, we are speaking and expressing, we are exchanging and that is how our conscience is expanding. Now as we are seeing - we are seeing other lives, the purpose of our life is to value all life and that is the objective with which the maker has created every living being to integrate with each other and value each other. This being the purpose we value the mission of value life mission which is being established. Now when we see the people with difficulty the people needy people in the road this disparity between rich and poor both rich and poor victims of their own reasons but they are living beings - they need shelter, they need space and if the maker is providing them the life we being their companions on earth, our duty is to behave as the attribute of the maker and support every life that we see this in turn enriches the soul.

Aims and Objectives

  • We see humanity as One Family and so, wish to implement the following...
  • Spread "Absolute Well-being Enlightenment" and promote "Value Life Mission".
  • Inspire the global human community through physical retreats and virtual workshops to live by these principles.
  • Conduct advanced facilitator training for those who have imbibed the learning and have become the evidence of AWE.
  • The facilitators can then adopt a honeycomb model to compound the reach of AWE.
  • Mentor individuals to initiate the neighbourhood support groups to help them live in physical communities which they can harmoniously belong to.

Support Groups

  • WHAT:

    In each district, organise weekly neighbours get together.

  • Why (To do what):

    To promote a 'Healthy, Clean and Green' Environment.

  • WHY (What purpose will it serve):

    To bring in Wellbeing, Hygiene and Prosperity for all.

  • HOW (What is the way):

    Invite four to six persons and discuss mutual needs and feelings). Children, teenagers, men and women form separate groups for greater empathy.


Act on action plan as per consensus arrived upon by collecting voluntary contribution as commitment.


From each according to their needs and abilities.

In alliances with "host organisations" - charities such as One World Education Trust, registered with 80G/12AA FCRA and NITI AAYOG/DARPAN in India

2023 Year End Goals

  1. Open branches in six metros in India
  2. Appoint minimum four board members in each metro
  3. Each metro to start two rural centers per year
  4. Conduct twelve online courses per year and four physical retreats. Each course to have sixteen participants per batch
  5. Thirty six facilitators complete our program and become stakeholders.
  6. Have 720 support groups meeting weekly
  7. Establish four global branches.