Workshops and Programs to be ENACTED

  1. Stipulations for Growth of Facilitators and Participants
  2. Growth
  3. Intimate Gatherings
  4. Sunlight And Moonlight

Core Ideas to Liberate Humanity

  1. Children for Inner Development
  2. Curation Based Education, Creative Expression and Project ARYA, aimed at emotional, social and personal development of families.

  3. Words for Inspiration and Healing
  4. with an intent to heal individual and societal hurts and project a positive outcome for the future.

  5. Spaces for Growth and Healing
  6. Physical spaces for rejuvenation and overhauling. Work variant, School variant etc.

  7. Serenity, Harmony and Healing for All
  8. Various Resources on Healing ourselves, families and the whole world with strong focus on alternate healing methods and practitioners.

  9. Instituting a Spirituality that Liberates
  10. A new-age integrative, harmonious and holistic approach to religion, philosophy, spirituality and governance.

  11. Champion Causes and Avert Crises
  12. Crowdfunding with #DirectDonations. Further cause of hunger, homelessness, animals and education for lower income strata.

  13. Dare we Save our Planet Earth
  14. For all things environmental, worldy and with thoughts of harmony and unification

Vidzeal - Healing and Skincare

There's the seed of a healer deep inside each one of us but before it can germinate, we need pain to help break the seed.

We need to nourish this with water, sweat and tears and wait patiently, filling it's ethos with love.

When the seedling reaches through the mud, seeking the sun, there is a powerful moment when it breaks through the soil and starts to grow in the light and the garden is filled with an awed silence, for that is LIFE, coming to be.

As we carry an embryo, so too must we nourish the seeds of experience with our minds and heart and unleash the healer within. She is a warrior who fights against the barriers to good health, and her name, among many, is Vidzi.

We all go through painful times but that pain is our baptism and our rite of passage into a splendid tomorrow where we can enjoy strength and good health.

Our largest organ is our skin, through which we touch and communicate with the world. Imagine stimulating and invigorating it with essential oils whose fragrance conjures pictures of lands fair and winds invigorating.

Love yourself, pamper yourself, heal yourself and live a life of untrammelled joy.

It's time to let go of the past and talk to Vidzi.

Visit to see some of her creations.

Read and read about this wonderful woman here:

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