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Hi Friend,

I don't know you, and the world may seem a callous place, but there is always hope. We do live in magical times. There's plenty of healing to receive from the cosmic force and we need to allow it to happen to ourselves.

Then we learn to share that with our families and loved ones and the world is already regaining colour. Somewhere along the way, we learn patience and forgiveness and compassion. We also learn to "pay it forward" - every act of kindness that has been done for us.

I hope a part of you resonates with what I am saying?

I'm here to listen and encourage and support, as I hope you too will support manifold more in the days to come.

I'm just a programmer guy who thought "wouldn't it be cool if we used technology to build an online community" - one that's sharing and joyful / catalysing goodness.

Somewhere along the way, a friend told me that YM was a way of life - a constant striving for goodness, wisdom and devoted action.

For a long time, I was shy / not confident but finally my writing took off. There you will find my reflections, dreams, prayers, downs, romance and me trying to touch a few friends with emotion.

They say you know people best when you know what gives them comfort. Well I am comforted that there's plenty of good things in the world to draw inspiration from.

Now why don't you tell me a little about yourself?

Warmly, Imran Ali Namazi 17 Apr 2021