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Absolute Wellbeing Enlightenment

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Begin 2021 by restoring your health and life with 'Absolute Wellbeing Challenge'!

'ABSOLUTE WELLBEING' is indeed possible by embracing 'Zero Medicine Wisdom' discovery of a renowned MBBS, MD, PhD Doctor in India.

Thousands have recovered from stress and strains, acute and chronic pains, psychosomatic illnesses, fear of pandemics, communicable and non-communicable diseases - Diabetes, BP, Arthritis, Heart Blocks, Stroke, Cancer… and became the proof of the truth behind this Wisdom.

'ABSOLUTE WELLBEING' explains that Universal Life Energy governing us is beyond the physiological make up. Whatever state we may be in, it changes, - wounds heal, disease reverse and life energy gets restored. It is the violated mind that causes Dis-ease. Realizing and responding to the violation that led to the ill health situation sets right everything.

'ABSOLUTE WELLBEING' based on 'Zero Medicine Wisdom' is a result of the author's thirty five years international life coaching experience. He has put together a structure of 'Six Mind Maps' to realize the factors behind Violations of Mind that lead to complications, conflicts and catastrophe in life.

The meticulously designed Mind Maps - 'How we: 1) See, 2) Seek, 3) Choose, 4) Express, 5) Exchange and 6) Expand', are a step by step guide to a life of good health and peace.

Learn all about it by signing up for a Twelve Sessions (one hour each) Program followed by optional weekly meetings.

Fee: INR 7500/-

For more information and insight:

1. Send a message on 9884087860 to book a paid preliminary Self Heal Session with the Author / Facilitator.

2. Order the book Zero Medicine Wisdom online.

3. Join the group for updates: WhatsApp

4. Watch any of the following Zoom Meet as a prelude (available in English and Hindi): Video Playlist on YouTube

5. Know how the course works and what the required commitment over the next 1 year is before the certificate is awarded: Absolute Wellbeing - Course FAQs

Saify Saraiya - founder of "Zero Violation of Mind World Forum" and author of "Zero Medicine Wisdom".

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