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Absolute Wellbeing Enlightenment

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#Description: I Express by Action - I AM HONEST.

MIND MAP Four is Express Powerfully. Say What you Seek to receive what you need and refuse what you don't. Be Radically Honest and Authentic (As you see and feel). Declare your Stance. Proclaim Your Choice. Demonstrate by Action. - 'Truth is recognized by Action, not by Speech'.

The Diagram:

A) I KNOW, I am inspired, understand, I realise, I EXPRESS and let OTHERS KNOW (they understand). I express what I Need and offer (my capacity - lead by example) to compliment others' needs. We are in an open minded common ground supporting, solving, resolving each other's Need.

B) I KNOW and I Do Not Express - People Do Not Know is wearing a MASK and being a hypocrite. I do not communicate and thus limit my progress.

C) I DON'T KNOW but People Know. - "I EXPRESS". I do not hear or seek counsel from others. I am CLOSE MINDED and in a blind spot and thus BLINDFOLDED from progress.

D) I DON'T KNOW / Understand and People DON'T KNOW - I DON'T EXPRESS is a hopeless, 'Educated Into' Conditioned behavior. In solace* with static, formalities, protocols, policies and meaningless rituals. (*not pondering for solution, seeking temporary relief, taking a break from boredom, having a fag).

Thus arrogant as a Cult, not willing to elevate and raise their Consciousness level or communicate for change. Such Community disintegrates.

Example of D: Insecurity and Greed - Earthly, Selfish, makes us blind, deaf and dumb. We fall prey to a self destructive oppressive design. We play the role of tyrants and apply all possible strategies to prevent people from communicating by divide and rule policy. This is done in the name of Caste, Creed, Colour, Religion, Rank and Race. It is also done in the education field with competitive exams to limit the mind from wonderment, pondering and introspection.


Communicate your Conviction. Unfold the blindfold. Unmask. Speak what is being inspired in you to Value, Choose and Act. Thereafter 'Speak to Inspire' fellow beings with 'Empathy' and 'Self Compassion'. Express gratitude, share evidence and realizations gently yet boldly.

Be permanently honest. Occasional convenient "honesty" may move people but will not last. It leads to a deadend. Make Honesty a Habit.

"We are what we repeatedly do, excellence is therefore not an act, but a Habit". Habit is our character. And it is our character that leads us to our destiny. (Turtle and Scorpion)

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