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Absolute Wellbeing Enlightenment

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MIND MAP 6: Expand And Impact


Am I Good? What is the Proof?

The Diagram: Good/Bad - Active/Passive Matrix.

Function by ACTION. Power My WILL and Determination. Live Life fully to experience greater Beauty and Variety. Feel Accomplished and Victorious. Let Life return to the Source Satisfied - fulfilled, 'martyred' Life that served its purpose.

"This Life is a Universe gift to me. How active I am with Life and the Good I do in this Life is my gift to the Universe."

A) I Do / GOOD. I intend and act on what is Good. I am good for I do good - Good Expands. Offer Support, Get Support (Collaboration Happens, refer Azim Premji).

B) Don't Do / GOOD, I just pay lip service as a ritual. I am a hypocrite. I do not choose to act on what is Good. (Refer the likes of Modi)

C) I Do / NOT GOOD, I am choosing bad (I trust this world more). I want Power, Position and Possession (refer' Pyaasa' scene) - I get possessed by what I possess (refer monkey trap).

D) I Don't Do / NOT GOOD : I do not do this. I passively support Not Good (Bad) as I lack faith in Good (Hereafter). I follow as a herd the Not Good (Bad) for I want what I See in this world (failing to realize that it is transient).

(Are we choosing Good or Not Good (Bad)? Do we Act, Not Act, Are we Static or Dynamic, Contented or Discontented?

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