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RANDOM QUOTE: If a religion is not universal, it cannot be eternal. A narrow religion, a sectarian religion, an exclusive religion can live only for a limited time and a limited purpose. This is the one religion that can triumph over materialism by including and anticipating the discoveries of science and the speculations of philosophy.

Absolute Wellbeing Enlightenment

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Mind Maps: Summary

When we adhere to Insight, the intuitiveness and conscience guides us. We develop an Active drive to play a positive role for fellow living beings around us with kindness and compassion. We do not hoard. We SEE, Feel the common Need and SEEK for ALL, We EXPRESS and EXCHANGE - Share with Compassion, No more miserliness. Our vision EXPANDS beyond the temporary boundary defined world. We seek the ever widening boundless world as our future.

When we reject our INSIGHT and believe only our 'SIGHT'. We fall prey to seeking only what we See:

We get inflicted with insecurity, greed, hoarding and arrogance.
This shortsighted choice leads us to become inactive (Passive).
We support promotion of Arms to protect our earthly possession.
We need bunkers to hide and hospitals to nurse our sickness.
The bunkers cannot protect us nor can the hospitals save us.
Our insecurity affects immunity leading to our self destruction.

Q: What can I do?
Ans: What I Can, I will do!

"I am only one, what can I do,
yet I am one, I can do something,
what I can do, I will do!"

(Refer the story of the person who vacated seat for others in the bus)

Q: I don't have any friends?

"I went in search of friends, I did not find any. I went to be a friend, indeed I found many."

What is the most basic quality of a good friend (human)?

Does not talk behind the back.
Guards secrets and protects.
Is generous and sharing.
Listens and truly Cares.
Does not bypass.
Stays exclusive.

"I extended my hand to seek, I did not receive - miserable indeed..! I extended my hand to give, nobody took - hopeless indeed! (so, postpone not positive action, the season to give and receive blessings may never return).

The Life Journey is a game: Do good, win hearts, satisfy your soul, feel victorious, qualify, upgrade for the next* heavenly Life. Thus the Six MIND MAP filters:

1. The way we SEE, - Accept, Appreciate, Adjust and Empathize.
2. Need we get - Share, Get more - Pass it on. Not get - Collaborate.
3. Follow priority, choose wisely and be decisive.
4. Be Authentic, Open Minded, Unmasked.
5. Connect and integrate with a WIN - WIN ATTITUDE.
6. Be Compassionate and feel victorious with the Universe within.

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