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RANDOM QUOTE: Disciple: How do I surrender to what ever happens?

Absolute Wellbeing Enlightenment

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Further Internalization


Power, Possession, Position is a trap. We are in the clutches of the force that is diverting, deviating and hijacking us from seeking Purity. Our Goal in life here is to purify and enrich our Soul (S-103: 'Al Asr')

When we choose Good, we are choosing Blessing, Peace, Purity, Grace, Wisdom and Freedom.

Behaviour, Human Relation Conflict and Wellbeing

A) Mood, B) Style, C) Transaction, D) Type, E) Views F) Drive (Wellbeing).

A. MOOD (Zero Violation of Mind and Practice of NVC): Feel and Need are dynamic existential reality. Eg. When we feel hungry we need food, When curiosity is created, we need information.

B. Predominant Work Style: A) Expressive, B) Driver C) Analytical D) Amiable.

Other Examples are Management Style Matrix : Task/People (Expressive) Task/No People (Driver), People/No Task (Amiable), No People/No Task (Analytical).

C. Transaction Analysis: Parent, Child and Adult Ego States. Games people play.

D. Personality Type: Extrovert and Introvert Thinking Perceiving, Judging…

E. Seven Brothers Seven Views - Conferencing.

F. Drive - Common Human Needs

Self Actualizing/Sharing

Having realized that we are driven to action by our needs. Fulfilling needs, becomes the basic human rights and sharing what we get beyond our needs is our basic duty for harmonious coexistence.

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