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Absolute Wellbeing Enlightenment

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Getting Into Action

A. ACTION PLAN: Having realized that the world / humanity is One Family, we implement the following:

In every district, organise weekly get together of neighbours, six in each group to express and support mutual feel and needs. (Children, teenagers, men and women form separate groups for greater empathy).

As the idea evolves, Form specific Mutual Interest Groups to support each other on the theme of Wellness, Prosperity and Safe Environment for All.

B. The Method: Each participant express in three minutes specifically on the topic of:

1. "The satisfaction I feel in life and therefore I offer..."
2. "The betterment I seek and support I need and I offer..."

3. After the introduction of all participants is over, mutual interest support groups are formed. (10 minutes). Agenda is evolved and consensus on action plans is reached (20 minutes). Meeting concludes after voluntary feedback and photo shoot.

4. To promote greater goodwill among members, daily morning walk can be inculcated. People stay in a positive field. No more psychosomatic or life style diseases - NCDs.

5. The team connects with schools, colleges, local administration and prominent people residing in the area. Each team member forms another group of six - and this goes on.

The exercise compounds the reach and becomes a dynamic expanding spiral.

C. THE IMPACT: Self destructive divisiveness due to perverted desire for power, greed and envy in the form of political, religious, social and professionalism is replaced with a compassionate socio-civic sense to support all people in general and in neighbourhoods.

This way the idea of World as One family - 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' and 'all towns are one, all men our kin - Yadhum Oore Yavaram Kelir' becomes a practical reality connecting people as one family, ease, peace and wellness prevails, bringing heaven on earth - the paradise unfolds.

Dream and Reality: This sounds like an impossible idealist dream, but do we have any other choice except to work towards it and make it an I-M-Possible Reality?

Aren't there common cases of land and properties left behind now lying in ruins?

So sing peacefully "faili hui hai, sapno ki baahein…" and continue to discover, design and deliver daring dreams.

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