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#Description: Recover from stress and strains, acute and chronic pains, psychosomatic illnesses, fear of pandemics, communicable and non-communicable diseases like Diabetes, BP, Arthritis, Heart Blocks, Stroke, Cancer…

Life is a choice between disease and health, growing and aging, dynamic upward spiral (DUS) and static downward spiral (SDS), expansion and contraction. It all depends on what we allow our consciousness to choose.

Opening Scene - The Suffering Human.

A beggar (seemingly as a daily scene) is sitting on a chest begging for small change from passers-by. A passerby asked the beggar whether he has checked what is inside the chest he has been sitting on and begging daily. The beggar said, "it didn't strike me ever to check what is inside, let me do it now!" As he opened the chest, he found it was filled with gold coins.

The story explains the lives of people who lead their life believing in the external world for survival without checking what is within (the chest they are sitting on). Within them is the enlightening treasure of guidance to the true purpose of life.

As humans, we are a part of the Universal Life with an expanding consciousness to make ourselves and all life lively (born to win) - for all Life matters. *(The success story of two words - 'You Matter'). Adhering to the inspiration the Universal Life breathes (unfolds) in us is the PURPOSE of our life. (Solution is within, to all that is around us).

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