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Absolute Wellbeing Enlightenment

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EXERCISE 1: Breath

A. Breath Awareness:

Feel the Universal Life's blessings in the breath sensing how it enters your nostrils as you inhale and exhale.

Realize: Sensing the inhalation and exhalation of the Breath enlivens life, ease follows, balance gets restored, emotions get controlled. (Anger turns into Determination, Fear into Faith, Worry into Creativity, Grief in
to Compassion and Stress vanishes).

B. Scan the Five Senses:

SEE the environment (beautify).
Touch body sensations (comfort).
HEAR the sound in the (melody).
SMELL thru the nostrils (fragrance).
TASTE in the mouth (flavour).

*(Kintsugi - cracked crockery filled)

Realize: All life functions the same way. Feel integrative compassion for all.

C. Scan your body: Feel the Breath functioning the lungs, heart circulating the blood vitalising every part of the body and victoriously flowing out. (Talk to all parts of the body).

Realize: BLESSING in each breath as you inhale and GRATITUDE as you exhale.

D. Scan who you are as a human? - Your Name (identity or a life energy?) - roles, relationship, professional, social, goals and mission.

Realize: The fragmented identity creation misleads us from the reality of the Universal Creation.

(I see myself in the mirror, my name is my identity, I talk about myself. I see my kith and kin, I discuss people. I see others, I discuss events. I see the universe, I discuss ideas.

Realize: You are a Universal Life Energy experiencing human existence.

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