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RANDOM QUOTE: Disciple: Can the absolute be known

Absolute Wellbeing Enlightenment

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EXERCISE 3: Ponder and Realize:

A. Our life is temporary - Yes.
B. Life is a stream of experiences to enrich our Soul- Yes.
C. We are a Consciousness experiencing an aging body - Yes.
D. Our Conscious Conscience is answering these questions - Yes.

Our answers therefore guide us that there's nothing to achieve, reach or become. Life is a graceful flowing and unfolding composition (in a composition there is no end). Life is a Play to play the characters, experience and enjoy our roles and evolve uniquely through such experiences. (Reference - Video Clip of the one Year old response to external stimulus: See, Seek comfort, reject discomfort and Choose).

IDENTITY by the Mirror reflecting our image is misleading. By seeing our image we focus on our physical personality as if we are separate from the world. The Right View is what we see in front. Our role is to observe, perceive and realize. We are the World. What we feel within by what we see in front - matters.

We are to seek what we need, we are meant to choose the best and let the world unfold. World is happening 'for me' (to act) not 'to me' (to feel as a victim). We become the change as per inspiration intuited (torchlight) in us. Therefore our life endeavour is to impact People, Situations and Things around us.

"Jaisi drishti waisi srishti"! How we SEE is how we THINK. 'Thoughts become Things'. What we perceive creates our reality.

Thoughts are Dynamic and Time is Static:

Time is a unit of measurement of thoughts. Thought is moving, Time is still. Eg., In a railway station a train on a parallel platform starts moving, we get the illusion and feel that our train is moving.

Therefore can there be anything called good and bad times? Shubh ghadi, shubh dinam, shub samayam kuch bhi nahi hote, shub hote hai sirf karmam. - Krishna in Maha Bharat. Imam Ali answers too in a similar way. 'Kalyug and Satyug' is our own manifestation.

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