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Absolute Wellbeing Enlightenment

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MIND MAP 1: Where all do I see

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A) I Feel OK (Comfortable) / People, Things, Situations are OK

1. 'I' SEE the sight with insight guiding me, insight guides to beautify the sight. I am in 'Satsang'. The divine source within guides me. I get along, ACCEPT, APPRECIATE, ADJUST and optimise People, Situations, Things. I am not in APATHY. (Apathy leads to degeneration and illness).

2. When I believe in what I see externally, I get attached to Things, provoked by Situations, form into a social groupism for my security (become Communal) and fall prey to Communicable disease (Sangat ka asar) .

B) I Feel OK / People - Things - Situation is Not OK. I can:

1) ADJUST and negotiate a CHANGE with People, things or Situation.
2) Get Provoked to feel disgust and reject out of superior feeling.

C) I Feel Not OK / People - Things - Situation are OK, I can:

1) APPRECIATE and Learn or,
2) Feel inferior and withdraw.

D) I Feel NOT OK / People - Things - Situation NOT OK, I can:

1) Pray, seek Patience, Inspiration. Or,
2) Feel APATHY, Hopeless and Self destructive.

Q 1: What Awareness dawned upon you?
Q 2: How are you embracing this learning?

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