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Absolute Wellbeing Enlightenment

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MIND MAP 3: Choosing Priority

#Description: I AM ALERT. "Jaisi niyat, vaisi barkat" "karni vaisi bharni"

"Difference between less successful and very successful people is based on the number of good decisions made in a quantum of time". Less successful people make good decisions every month, average successful people make one good decision every week. And very successful people make one good decision every day.

By our Free Will, we decide and CHOOSE. Our intention designs our Destiny. 'What drives us makes us'. Our intrinsic need drives us, which is 'physiological, social, recognition or self actualization.

"We get Chosen (lucky)* by what we Choose". Luck is based on the following definition:

1) *Luck is the meeting point of our alertness and all the opportunities passing by.
2) Luck is favourable situations invited by contributions we made in people's lives.

Q - 1. Are we insightfully CHOOSING by recognising our individual NEEDS and filtering the way we SEE?

Q - 2. Are we mindlessly deviating to chase earthly Power, Position and Possession as competing herds?

Ans - 1: Choosing our 'Need' to purify and fulfil is heeding the Guiding* Direction.

Ans - 2: Chasing - Competing with others (herd) and 'wanting' is falling prey to misguiding* Deviation.

CHOOSE and Act as per Inspired priority of righteousness. Follow what is important and meaningful. (And become the Chosen!)

MM3 - Exercise 1: What do you value

- Realize What you value and is important in your Life is to 'Begin with the end (death) in Mind '. Do this exercise where you can be alone and uninterrupted :

Imagine yourself going to a funeral of a person. You see the faces of friends and family as you go along. You feel the shared sorrow of losing and having known the person who had died radiating from the hearts of the people there.

As you walk to the front and look, you suddenly come face to face with yourself. This is your funeral, three years from today. All these people have come to honour you, to express feelings of appreciation for your life.

You notice your family, relatives, friends, people from your workplace, Society and Association, all are there.

Now think deeply and imagine what would you like each of these speakers to say about you and your life? What kind of person were you to each of them? What do they seem to say?

MM3 - Exercise 2: Jot Down Your Impressions.

By this visualization experience, you touched some of your deep basic values and established contact with your inner guidance.

Each part of our life can now be examined as a whole - what really matters most to you.

In the end of our life, the achievements we hankered after shouldn't leave us with emptiness. We called ourselves doctors, educators, actors, politicians, business entrepreneurs, professionals, athletes.

We struggled to achieve a higher income, competed for recognition, only to find that we were blinded from that which really mattered most and now are gone.

If you carefully consider what you wanted to be said of you in the funeral experience, you will find your definition of success. It may be quite different from what you thought you had in mind. You will find fame, achievement, money, or things we strived for were not required at all.

Mind Map - I Choose

Horizontal: A. (I have Control - Free Will) B. (I have no Control - No Free Will)
Vertical: C. (I need / want - Important) D. (I don't need / want - Not Important)

EXERCISE 14 - List all that I CHOOSE (as I have Control) which I VALUE (Need) - It is important).

A) When I CHOOSE as I HAVE CONTROL by free will / What I VALUE (need) as per priority and commitment. Eg: Relationship Commitment, Social Contribution, Professional Excellence at Work… I am granted by default, B):

B) 'I DIDN'T CHOOSE' (I Have No Control) / I Value (need) I am granted Good Health, Sleep, Good Relationship, Ease, Peace and satisfaction.

EXERCISE 15 - List what I do not Value (don't Need - not important) and I still CHOOSE (fall into trap).

C) When I CHOOSE (I Have Control by my free will) / I don't need or want - not Important… when I waste my time, not being productive, doing meaningless activity and rituals, I get, D):

D) I face what I HAVE NO CONTROL - I didn't need or want. I invite unwanted negative encounters, harm, lose ease, 'miss the bus', face accidents, sickness and stumbling blocks.

(Glass jar example: fill a glass jar with rocks (important), then pebbles (less important), sand (much less important) and water (what's comes our way)

Filter our Choice: What we need, seek, wish, do or say is to be checked using the three filter GUT Test: - Good, Useful, Truth or (?????, ???????, ?????):

A. Is it Good? (Medicine), Fever is the body's defence energy - Good.)
B. Is it Useful? (No side effects, Fever fights the disease - Useful.)
C. Is it True (Not taken for 15 years, Time and people tested - True)

Question Why and WHAT, SO WHAT and WHAT'S NEXT of our Need:

A) Why and WHAT is the Need? Answering WHAT and WHY awakens us to become aware of our Need and the cause of the Need.

B) SO WHAT and What's Next if it gets fulfilled? Answering SO WHAT is understanding the implications when Needs begin rewarding and What's Next elevates us to the way forward. (what, why, when, who, where and how).

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