If the purpose of our lives is to leave behind healthy, purpose driven children, then conscious living will enable us to do so.


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Welcome aspiring and new parents! This group will address vital questions and provide insights from our ancient knowledge systems, on procreation and parenting. We will together hope and pray for the coming of superior beings into this earth who will find their purpose very soon after arrival, care and nurture our planet and it's inhabitants, as Global Citizens and Stewards of Mother Earth.
- Vidya Shankar, Facilitator

Conscious parenting is a term used by various psychologists (and others) to describe a style of parenting that usually focuses more on the parent and how mindfulness can drive parenting choices.

Put most simply, conscious parenting asks that instead of striving to "fix" your child, parents look inward at themselves. Conscious parenting views children as independent beings (though admittedly still developing over time), who can teach parents to become more self-aware. - Disucssion on YM Community

In a discussion called "Conscious Adulting - Preparing for Conscious Parenting", we identified the following age groups: