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Notable Forward Thinkers in Education

Progressive Thinkers that Reinvented Education.

Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson's manifesto 'Imagine if...' is now available! In the years before he passed away, Sir Ken had been working on a manifesto - a short book that would pull together all of his key arguments and serve as a call to action for the education revolution he spent his life advocating for.

His wish was for his daughter Kate to complete the book after his passing, and that it be published posthumously.

Charlotte Danielson

Charlotte began her career in education over 50 years ago as a teacher in a multi-age (1st and 2nd grade) classroom in Washington, D.C. From her first year in the classroom, she recognized the importance of encouraging students' natural intellectual curiosity and creating the conditions that allow them to engage with important concepts and content. Twenty-five years later (and almost 25 years ago), after working as a teacher, curriculum director, staff development director, and assessment designer, she put pen to paper and wrote Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching.

George Gilchrist

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