Wisdom for Children

To make Healing Apprentices of our youth

Let our children become healers in their institutions and neighbourhoods.

While in time, we hope to institute emotional strengthening to college kids and help the wounded heal and in turn, learn to heal others, for now all this is just an idea.

As part of this, we want to to introduce a lot of emotional tips, wellness, emotional hygiene and healing practices in colleges for the youngsters.

I see two levels of this

  1. for those in acute distress
  2. for those who are fortunate but can always have more inspiration.

The plan is to involve youngsters who are training to be counsellors and doctors and give them a way to touch the lives of groups of peers. A sort of mentoring for them. And a general how to be of help to all younsters, as training to contribute to Growth and Healing Spaces.

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