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To Establish a New Age Education

Create multiple blueprints on Education for the Future.

Contributors: Primarily Nirupama, World Perspectives and Videos by Imran

Current Education System - An Overview

  1. Provides basic Education but is more time taking. Does not involve in identifying talents on the individual. Deciding what career one needs to take up by identifying one's likes is getting difficult as one's mind is scattered and distracted. The educational system does not own any accountability on these lines.
  2. Ranking and comparison brings in a hostile and non healthy growth. Mutual helping attitude is bit retarded.
  3. The current system does not provide a platform for wholistic growth but very much oriented in satisfying materialistic needs.

Ancient Education in India - Living with Acharyas and Teachers

  1. Gurukula system of education was good in a way by getting a one on one attention on students.
  2. Students moral behavior was primarily taught and discipline automatic.
  3. Theory and practical work went hand in hand. (Something Imran will confirm in the tech training institutes of the 70s that still taught this way)
  4. Serving others brought about humility at young age.
  5. Dependency on parents is cut off. Freedom comes at the cost of taking up responsibility.

Factors to be Considered

  1. Education should kindle the mind and make it a good ground to sow great seeds that would not just help humanity but should enable man to live with harmony with all beings.
  2. Should give helping hand to the individual to dive deep jnto whatever his interests are but before that the Education system should build an awareness of social and self disciplines that one should follow. This is because man is a social being.
  3. Education should not be imposed. It should be like an exploration. More fun to try out various things. Learning by doing , engaging the hands and the heads is essential.
  4. The 3 pillars of Education should Be love, effort and intellect.
  5. Education system should be very much like a garden plot. Teachers and other co served elders should prepare the base environment and just maintain the bed and de-clutter the weeds.but the growth is very much dependent on the individual.
  6. Basic Education to read and write necessary languages and little bit of math should do. Further education should be driven by the student with the teachers help.
  7. The student should be given freedom to create things based on the knowledge he acquires, maintain his belongings and environment, de-clutter and purge unwanted things. This gives them ownership and thereby experiencial learning.
  8. Education should help the student explore traditional knowledge base so that they can connect with the findings of their ancestors and extend on their findings instead of re-inventing the wheel. This would benefit the people of the land better.
  9. Humanity and compassion should take the centre stage of education system anything devoid of this is useless and is harmful.

Solutions for Future Education

  1. Starts with responsible parenting
  2. Teachers should also take up this responsibility. Not just as a paid job. But in sculpting individuals for a better future.
  3. Educational institutions should not work like business centers. But more like service centers. They should collaborate and work with each other without the stress of money making or in gaining Popularity.
  4. Government should Take up initiative by understanding the significance and such basic divisions should be eradicated.
  5. Peaceful Education is everyone's birthright..
  6. This needs conscious parents and conscious teachers. Supported By conscious government.

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