Wisdom for Children

Programmes for Children and Adults

Putting the child on a path of exploration, expression and service.

(programs - 1 and 2)

Implementation Possibilities

  1. Take sessions first for a subset of a class for those interested.
  2. Invite parents to an open discussion before / during to explore ways in which the class format and topic could benefit the children and how similar curated exposure and discussion at home could strengthen the manifestation of the shared goals. To eventually invite them to the classroom and to Collective Parenting sessions.
  3. Find a co-facilitator from school staff / parents and revisit the lesson plan progression with them.
  4. Run the program outside a school or online, helping would be facilitators move into that role.
  5. Setup teams of teachers working together using our growth model.

#1 Music Led Classroom Discussion (11+)

  1. The teacher or facilitator chooses music that speaks of different themes which they would like to introduce the class to. This may include inspiration, philosophic, tales of war and peace, themes of everyday living, global awareness, cultures from other places, exemplary art and musical talent, popular culture etc.
  2. The children are asked to close their eyes and let the music and words tickle their imagination. The song may be played a second time.
  3. A few minutes is given to absorb the experience and reflect on the feelings. The children are asked to write a few lines that may come to mind spontaneously.
  4. The Teacher then asks for feelings had and parts of the song which the children could relate to.
  5. A discussion evolves then the children are asked to make (as lengthy as possible) essays out of it.
  6. Once this is done, the teacher leads the discussion into the topics they may have had in mind when selecting the song.
  7. The teacher records the notes from the class against the original lesson plan and submits it to the YieldMore Repository as feedback / inputs for further developments.

#1b Notes on Music Led Classroom Discussion

  1. Conceived in 2019 and initiated in 2021 and piloted successfully in a school with 8 adolescents, this is now being tried in contexts where the songs are also being used to increase language fluency.
  2. Imran and the teachers he had the good fortune to work with still remember the effect "It's All Right Here" and "Coming Back to Life" had on the students.
  3. As of Dec 2022, Imran can also say that it was introduced with printouts to a group of 6 children who really liked the music and each child found something interesting in the choice of lyrics.

CURRICULUM: Music Led Classroom Discussion - 2021, Imran.

#2 Creative Expression (11+)

  1. First outlined in 2020, CX believes in the triad - Classroom Comfort and Encouragement | Exploring Viewpoints and Discussion | Higher Order Thinking.
  2. To facilitate this, we use Stimulating Music and Audio Programs | Child planned activities, and encourage additions to their Routine and Journaling.
  3. Children are exposed to various forms of music, writing and art, from the world, our network, the teacher’s selection and even from the teacher's own writing. The last 2 make it a lot more relatable with the students.
  4. Children are requested to write on their own, feeling inspired by all that the teacher has presented in that class. Teachers give feedback as they finish their writing and help make their thoughts flow when they get stuck.
  5. Additionally a “topic for writing” may have been chosen beforehand - this may vary from class to class.
  6. In the spirit of ENTHEOS, devotional prayers may feature in these classes, especially that it gives students an opportunity to articulate and discuss their various faiths.
  7. To form healthy worldviews.

#2b Notes on Creative Expression

  1. Initiated in 2022 and developed as a parallel program to CBE, Creative Expression starts with writing but could go on to so many activities and hobbies.

Creative Expression - 2022, Imran.

(all programs - 1 to 7)

#3 Upskill and Balance with Mentors

3 Upskill and Balance [SKILL], In Progress.

#4 Social Awareness through Project ARYA (13+)

  1. An awareness program where children work on advocating social causes, we see this a coming full circle of their emotional and social development. ARYA = Awareness Resulting in Your Action.

Social Awareness (English) - 2022, Team PACT.

#5 Physical Education And Team Spirit (8+)

  1. Full Control of the BODY, it's strengthening, reflexes and muscle memory in a variety of sports.
  2. Make the fingers deft by doing sewing and knitting, giving massage to one another, engineering work etc.

#5b Notes on Physical Education And Team Spirit

  1. Movies of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Chow Yun Fat and other's like the 36th Chamber of Shaolin
  2. One Armed Boxer, Hannie Caulder, High Lonesome, Raging Bull (Jake La Motta), Rocky I to VI
  3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kung Fu Panda, Karate Kid, Million Dollar Baby
  4. Meditation and Leaning OUT IN THE FIELD the way Michelangelo Buonarrotti did with his PIETRA SERENA

Physical Education And Team Spirit, Incomplete.

#6 Emotional Wellness and Healing Capabilities (15+)

  1. Children learn the basics of emotional hygiene
  2. Children learn about healing modalities

Emotional Wellness and Healing Capabilities, Incomplete.

#7 Liberating Spirituality for Youngsters (18+)

  1. Aimed at a healthy, explorative and enquiring mindset that can be cultivated among youth by exposing them to various devotional prayers, songs and hymns.

Liberating Spirituality for Youngsters, Incomplete.

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