Wisdom for Children

Why we should engage with Children and How

Delving into our way of working with Children and why we do so.

Our Wishes for Children, August 2022

  1. With good intentions, we wish to catalyse classroom environments and community centers using the best learnings from you, our collaborators.
  2. For children, we are interested in their emotional, spiritual and social development, to act as mentors as they explore and develop skills, interact with peers, find a life's purpose and people to work alongside, sharing sensitivities, ambitions and paths.
  3. Thus far, we have tried the music led discussion in a small classroom and followed it up with the creative expression initiative with a focus on writing.
  4. They are both intended to make children comfortable with discussing feelings and worldviews in the classroom from which a desire to be good and do good may follow.
  5. They may seek for Awareness Resulting in Your Action - or Project ARYA - our 3rd program that will involve them in social causes initiatives, until the last of humanity is Healed and given a place to Grow.
  6. We invite collaborators to join us and take these ideas to new heights by working with children and creating spaces of their own.

Inspired by the Sanskrit Word "Rahasyam" for "Secret", We call this the "Life's Secrets for Children series of Programs".

Why another Educational Programme?

  1. Not too many places offer structured emotional and social development for children. While we are certainly no experts in this field, rather a group of individuals with our children's best interests at heart.
  2. The first program deals with exploring the world through music and art and children beginning to identify themes of importance to themselves and their environment.
  3. Language and an appreciation for the finer and subtler things in life are developed in the second program.
  4. In the absence of conflict, children gain a deeper understanding of society and become sensitive to it's sufferings and maladies. We then encourage them to write about this and then go into public seeking action. This forms the third program.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How will the programs benefit my child?

    Emotional Development is critical for a childs stability. Inner growth, social work and balance with the environment creates a sense of purpose and is very fulfilling.

  2. Will the programs encourage my child's desires and dreams?

    We will first sensitize them to the world around and encourage / nurture their dreams to fruition. But they must develop faith, not be deterred and be ready to make the effort.

  3. Will the programs contribute towards making my child an independent, thinking, and confident individual?

    We aim to make them aware of the depth of thought availabe in the gamut of stories we draw them into. We lean more towards progressive thinking and harmonious social contribution. Confidence once they know themselves and what they want is automatic.

  4. What is the programs's mission? What are it's short and long term goals?

    We believe in possibilities unlimited, a brighter, more meaningful future for mankind and a new age spectrum of activities that uplift and liberate. Our short term goal is to demonstrate that people want and can benefit from all of this, making their lives richer. Long term we want our students to become a living example of our philosophy and for our "tribe" to grow ever larger until it encompasses the world.

  5. How can the programs help parents who wish to support and help their wards?

    We WANT parents on board on this journey, augmenting our classroom discussions, following up with their children and bonding with them emotionally and spiritually. Ultimately we want them to understand the spirit of things and lead their own classrooms. This is a joint undertaking to bring up "Children of the Kindom" and we're ready to go all out for your health, social and spiritual goals.

  6. As a teacher how do I benefit from the programs?

    We do not deal in "bookish" knowledge, intellectual stuff or specific skills. We believe in well rounded, healed, inspired children who FEEL the world around them and then set out to discover their calling - what work would give them joy. So be prepared for a very different kind of roller-coaster ride, one that is infinitely more fulfillng and rewarding. Yes we have a fee structure, encouraging you to take the bulk of remuneration and will help you become a hub for other teachers in good time.

  7. How do you deal with the subject of Religion?

    Older generations miss "moral instruction" and there is no place for theological learning and spiritual harmony in "religion averse or independant" societies. We encourage a discussion and appreciation for all religions as the Universal Life Church does.

The Spirit

  1. We are the world, we are its children, WE are the one's who can make a brighter day if only we start living.
  2. What the stark reality and harshness of life truly is, time will tell, but an idyllic upbringing full of joy and appreciation for life does have a purpose too. There are as they say 4 times in life. We pray for more of the 3rd (the time of knowing and fighting).
  3. All of existence is Karmically Linked and the sooner we learn to walk the Sunlit Path, the sooner we can be a beacon and hope to one another.
  4. Children do not have to conform to our thoughts and predilections on what their lives "ought to be". They are welcome to hear our stories and take our advice, but most strongly is that inner conviction that would direct them if only they would listen.
  5. I have once said to "laugh often and love much," promising that mantra can carve deeper wells in our being.
  6. It can indeeed be a glorious life if only we'd leave off our pettinesses and each of us rebuild the Universe. So, what Charter would you make?
  7. The power of story can make all the difference - the turning towards the needy in thought, word and deed. So, Dear Child, would you speak for Earth?
  8. What if each child were equipped to help an adult "heal through words"? Would there be no more scars and wars?
  9. Would Music Led Discussion help our generations bond better and shape our emotional selves? What about a fucused Creative Expression Program that dealt with Meditations?
  10. Wake up children and adults - dont just watch the "powerful play go on" - remember that ye may contribute a verse.

Dear Parent, We want you to feel safe leaving your children in our care. We want to know what hopes and dreams you have for them and we want to hear from them direct what all they would like to do.

We want to pique their curiosity for the world around, make them sensitive to things that are happening, help them introspect, feel free talking about fears and concerns, life's plans and doubts.

The Approach

  1. Make students feel comfortable and supported
  2. Help them choose learning and development activities
  3. Guide their thinking process
  4. Expose them to the arts and culture. This includes books and music.
  5. Help them shed their inhibitions in expressing themselves
  6. Show them how they can make their lives purposeful and meaningful
  7. Explore their creativity including articles, essays, poems, painting, videos etc.
  8. Put them on a compassionate, kindly path
  9. Prepare them for adulthood and expose them to world views.
  10. Help then organize their various wishes and make a plan to achieve them.

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