Evolving at Work

Don't Repeat Same Mistakes in Corporate Life and share IT Wisdom and Volunteers to NGOs and Charities.

Welcome to YieldMore.org, I'm Imran it's founder who has worked as a programmer for over 20 years.

While I was a student, I read Tom Clancy's Every Man a Tiger which blew my mind. Could maintenance downtimes in the air force really be brought down from 20 days to 4 hours simply by giving ownership and pride down the line to every last colleague and team member?

I kept going back to this book which spoke of managers more as cheerleaders which today I correlate with the "inverting of the management pyramid" and what we learnt back in college about treating "internal customers" (employees) well.

A while before, Richard Back had spoken of peak perfection, something I still chase with my own very aesthetic website programing platform amadeusweb.com.

In 2013, these fructified as tigers and in 2019 as OrgEx.

I've always coded well, striving for the "art of programming" and have led teams and mentored juniors over the years.

Today, in 2023, with the work series at YieldMore.org, I am offering my rich experience and passion for work to tech and non tech teams and companies as well.

I believe in a future where we have Conscious Businesses holding their own with forward thinking companies world over.

Please message on team@yieldmore.org or +91.9841223313 to discuss further the options listed below

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