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Evolving Sunlight for IT and Corporates

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Evolving Sunlight and its relevance in the workplace

  1. Evolving Sunlight is a series of programs, workshops and activities that help companies improve their technical skills and motivational levels, processes and team dynamics.
  2. We will one day be a group of trainers and facilitators who want to make companies independent of us as early as possible. Our approach is to get middle level and junior employees to take ownership of and drive the sharing of subjects or topics and make them present it with guidance from their seniors.
  3. Programs we institute should be self-propelled by the 3rd or 6th month.
  4. We ask that companies divide into 4 groups, coordinated by the HR Team as: 1) Management, 2) Leads and VPs, 3) Seniors, 4) Rest of Employees
  5. The HR Team builds a 3 month plan along with their Leads which gets approved by management before its initiated.
  6. A repository of Presentations and Technical Exercises is made available to everyone. Seniors and Employees are asked to "flesh out" the topics proposed into presentations.
  7. Each Technology Team is asked to write a Guidelines or Coding Guidelines document which can be fine tuned per project or team.
  8. A Review, Code Review and Retrospective process is initiated.
  9. Forums for Technical, Work Environment and General are created, policies are made available.
  10. An induction / orientation document is made along with an Organization Chart. Code from each employee is put in a common repository (exercises)
  11. We cover Professional Development and also Technical and Personal as well.

Under this quality mission, these topics can be included

  1. Rejuvenation
  2. Declutter
  3. Work/Life Balance
  4. Ethics
  5. Stress
  6. Being Proactive
  7. Health
  8. Believe in Abilities
  9. Be in the Moment.
  10. Language and Communication . Time Management
  11. Prioritization and Setting Expectations

Needs of the Contributing Individual Team Member

  1. Situational Awareness
  2. Personal Stability
  3. Control, Disciline and Harness the various Shakti's or Forces within him/her.
  4. Exercise Control and Work within the powerlines of the organization.
  5. Answer the 6 Honest Serving Men faithfully by training his/her mind to ask questions.
  6. Be patient as the FARMER TILLING the Land but be a modern day technologically enabled FARMER.
  7. To be a Willing and Submitting SERVITOR to the Divine Process of Evolution.
  8. Keep undergoing a INNER and OUTER Transformation.
  9. Continuous CHOICE and ACTION with the learning from each
  10. Keep taking cognizance of and controlling the inner personalities, personas, heroes and memories.
  11. Realize that the Physical, Mental, Vital, Will and Divine Sanction need to all be harmonized.
  12. Be Stable and ALL TIMES, WILLING to be directed and who will conserve his energies and resources.
  13. Have an empowering routine and work within the bounds of the system.

Evolving Sunlight - Videos

Here will be me outlining the Corporate Vision for Spiritual Transformation, I'm so tired of today's mantra #DigitalTransformation...

How to Use Skills and Intuition

There was once an impulsive decision to assume command and improvise on the spot. Knowing full well Pirsig's Metaphysics of Quality and still revering the STATIC MUD ENCRUSTED System that robs us of initiative, I chose STILL TO FLOUT EVERY RULE.

The proper means of enacting change

  1. Observe
  2. Record
  3. Ideate
  4. Thought Experiment / Field Experiments within very small boundaries.
  5. Report Findings and get BUYIN from STAKEHOLDERS
  6. Prioritize the Plan and start establishing the Communication Channel. Look for Tools like Abstractspoon's TODOList or Microsoft Teams.
  7. Brief the Leaders and Quality Conscious Team on how to take things forward. Build them into a tight multilateral probem solving unit.
  9. ENACT on the FIELD
  10. Have a way to track each sprint / week and Keep Revising the Plans, Process and Training

Preliminary Questions

Answer these and send to team@yieldmore.org to begin discussions on how we can help.

Preliminary Questions for Evolving Sunlight Consulting

  1. What does your company do, how old and how big is it
  2. What are the challenges you face
  3. What sort of people do you look for (demographics)
  4. Whats your most successful team or department
  5. Which areas need the most improvement
  6. What is the secret of your success
  7. How much time do you spend on employee motivation. What do you think would motivate them more?
  8. What services would you outsource
  9. What are your training requirements in a year, do you internally perform all of them
  10. Do you have a forum, knowledge base or professional development program
  11. What value does your service, platform or product offer society
  12. How committed are you to your employees welfare, please elaborate
  13. Do you have a active CSR program? Do you want one or to expand yours? How would you make it more effective?
  14. What sort of employee engagement programs would you like to have.
  15. If someone could show you how to make a corporate counselling desk, staffed internally would you be interested
  16. Are you aware of the 8 facets of wellness and do you want your employees to be part of a holistic improvement program
  17. Do you have recreation centres? Are you open to them taking power naps?
  18. Do you let them browse non work websites at work?
  19. How many hours do you expect them to be productive? Do you overwork them?
  20. Do you have day care? How often do you invite their families to get togethers?
  21. Do you encourage them to have healthy work life balance?
  22. Do you remind them of their commitment to environment? Would you help promote a waste segregation campaign? Can you have collection bins for paper and electronic waste for recycling?
  23. Do you conduct workshops in nearby colleges? Encourage your employees to be visiting faculty there?
  24. Can you host events at your office for employee bonding, programs for family, social welfare etc?
  25. What is your commitment to helping them declutter their lives, disengage from gadgets, support public causes and refuse to get polarized by the media?
  26. Would you have a library and creativity workshops?

Spaces for the Workplace

  1. Productivity Articles and Tidbits
  2. Cooperative Consulting
  3. Interviews that Catalyse
  4. Internal Quality Initiatives
  5. Assisted Skilling Programs (Sunlight)
  6. Community Centres at Office
  7. Hosting Training / Incubators

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