Evolving at Work

Gearing Up to use Tech and do Promotion

A workshop planned in 2021 mid


Planned in Late 2021, Gearing Up was a part of Soulful Moonlight.

Training Sessions Planned

Planning & Task Management - 90 Mins

Learning from the Best - 45 Mins

Captioning & Creating Graphics - 60 Mins

Scripting & Video Production - 60 Mins

Content to be readied

Further planning

Peaceworks - Youngster Mentoring

Dear Supporter,

A brief introduction

I'm an accomplished programmer, budding writer and now a "Social Causes Theorist".

Backed by a few educators and friends, I, through yieldmore.org am offering a mentoring programme.

I will expect serious commitment from students who enroll and guarantee that we can create a good team spirit, upskill ourselves and find a fresh vantage point from which to view the world.

You can tell the children interested to do any 3 of the following and send an email to team@yieldmore.org.

I would like to begin by pointing them to something I wrote teenagers called Keep Smiling.

  1. Reply to it along with an intro mail
  2. Create 2 banners for it (Adobe Spark)
  3. Think of your own ambitions
  4. Tell your own story
  5. Talk about what matters to you
  6. Make a video (Adobe Spark)
  7. 10 things you would change about the world
  8. Essays on the 3 most profound songs you have heard
  9. S.M.A.R.T goals for the next 3 months
  10. If you met a magician / genie who would offer you anything, what are you willing to put in for it / what would you give in return
  11. Your ideal career and how you are going to develop the skills to be good at it
  12. A portfolio website

Obviously some of these would take time, but in the intro email if they could indicate which ones they would like to do and what help is needed for the same.

We can manage with a whatsapp group and weekly google meet hourly sessions.

There is no charge for this programme, but pt 10 refers to a contract each student has to make and I expect them to stick to it in principle and as a batch when they graduate, they need to execute one social causes project as a team / teams.

regards, Imran, 7 June 2021

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