Evolving at Work

Leadership Workshop by Mustafa of Enabler

Participants must be passionate, dedicated, commited to self, family and community development.

The sole purpose of Enabler's "Talay" - a leadership program is to identify individuals who are passionate, committed and dedicated about developing their holistic self, their families and the communities they live in.

Topics for one day workshop

  1. Understanding self, purpose of existence, understanding individuals, groups, communities, group psychology, mob psychology, human growth and development.
  2. Types of society
  3. Leadership - Definition and Types
  4. Society - Definition and Types
  5. Identifying needs and resources
  6. Skills i.e. planning, organising, communication, directing, resource mobilisation, coordination, reporting and evaluation.
  7. Handling different types of challenges while working with people.

Other Details

Size of group: 10 persons Venue: Egmore Date: Last week of November 2022 RSVP: Mustafa Badsha: 9840023721

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