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Team Welcome via Video Script

A video introduction made in 2021 mid by Imran

# Developer Invitation


voice over by CEO

In this video, we will give you an insight into the workings of a new age IT company that's pushing the envelope of XYZ presence in the world. We will now explain how our recruitment process works and invite you to our Engineering Team.

Rounds One and Two are self driven and the forms will be shared once you have filled out the preliminaries and have been shortlisted.

Resume with a focus on your value-add, and role across various projects

Covering Letter strong and personalized to our companies needs / openings

Video Resume optional, but a strong sense of purpose and direction can be inferred from this


video by CTO

Here we leaders bring passion to the workplace, and are building a nurturing atmosphere where we bond as one big family, keeping personal needs and interests of our team paramount, for we believe this fosters long term commitment and passion for work.

A veteran tech company, our core value proposition is our flagship Service Provider Search portal, though our full portfolio is a lot bigger.

Our newly reconstituted "Unified Platform" team is actively looking for the right fit of candidates - those who bring energy and enthusiasm to the workplace and are eager to learn and hone their craft.

These may be Product Owners, Business Analysts, User Experience Experts, Html and Full Stack Developers, Testers on the Engineering side and other battle tested Information Technology leaders of various hues and shapes.

We are building some avant-garde and exciting websites and technology systems, fully on the Azure / Mobile stack, and want all sorts of self driven team members to creatively reinvent most of our systems and product offerings over the next 2 years.

We work with VueJs (a front-end system to build websites and mobile apps) and Azure Services and are primarily looking for Engineers with a solid footing and a good team spirit who can help take this organization to greater heights.

I am NAME, heading Engineering and I invite you to come work with us.

Do have a look at the openings in the link below.

We Care

video by HR Manager

A special company founded with good intentions, we insist that our leaders and management "invert the pyramid" and do their utmost to keep their employees professionally and personally supported, helping them perform with passion and looking forward to work each week as they reach milestones in both their careers and personal life and dream of the stars and beyond.

Our Active Professional Development Program sessions give a platform for one and all to share their learnings, whether work related, or from the game of life. We believe that to bring out the best, we need a supporting environment that understands the roles each person plays, values their talent and encourages them to find the right poise or balance in life.

Many of our Alumni in the last 20 years have gone out into this world and done amazing things, so if you are looking to belong to a family that will always demand from / wish the best for you, we are the perfect fit.

I am NAME from the HR Team at ORG and I would be thrilled to have dynamic, fun-loving and talented individuals such as you come work with us.

Attitude and Diligence

video by HR Recruiter

I am NAME, running the staffing / recruitment for the Engineering team and I want to explain our selection process.

Time has again and again proven the old adage - Hire for Values, Train for Skills, so as a first round, you, our candidate will be given FORM 1 to fill qualitatively with your free flowing thoughts on 20 given topics. While it may be easy to "guess" the right answer, we look more for honest, introspective thoughts that time will show as reflecting your true nature.

FORM1: Attitude Questionnaire

Technical Exercises

video by Senior Developers

I am NAME, leading the Architecture Revamp effort here at ORG.

Once you pass the previous attitude round (FORM 1), you will be asked to work out some simple coding exercises, because the continued commitment to clean code should be evident at all levels even in our technical leads and architects.

Often, we need to "run with" the 2 line requirement and do our due diligence to develop it with an eye for detail, limitations and edge cases / known bugs.

In FORM 3, we will pose questions that a good Product Owner / Tester would be asked. This will inform us of your adaptability to wearing multiple hats and truly understanding the whole Engineering Process as we are often called upon to think of things from a colleague's perspective.

FORM 4 is your self evaluation form. This sums up round 2 of our screening process.

FORM2: Technical Exercises

FORM3: Cross-functional Awareness

FORM4: Self Evaluation / SWOT

Excellence and Team Spirit

video by Serior Tech Architect

If you have concluded rounds 1 and 2 (self paced) satisfactorily, then we are excited to meet you face to face. I am Imran, no stranger to the pursuit of excellence - in spirit, mind, work and life. I coach the teams here at ORG promoting quality and ingenuity both in System Design and Process.

Those applying for senior roles (SSE and above) will be invited to watch a further video and begin a dialogue with us as we discuss leadership and customize a fairly complex task for you to develop. Expect this process to take at least 4 hours, best done at our office in Chennai, though we do entertain remote workers / interviewers as well.

If you haven't previously worked in our tech stack before, dont feel jittery - there is always a learning curve and part of what we assess is the ability to quickly grasp new concepts and work in new technologies - a must for seniors.

In Conclusion


We hope you found this video inviting purpose oriented individuals to come make ORG their new home interesting. If you are not actively seeking a change, do keep us in mind at a future date and for now we urge you to share this with someone you know, who believe stellar effort always pays - an attitude we value.

Just log into talent.ORG.com to see the sorts of talent we are looking for and do see our "Frequently Asked Questions" page linked to below or contact us for any clarifications as your gear up to work with us.

WE ARE ORG and we thank you for listening to us.

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