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In my neighbourhood there is a medical doctor who even though he is an MBBS, MD, PhD, and qualified himself, he realised the folly of this medical practice ever since he joined that course he knew that it was based on fraudulent principles.

The germ fear, the virus fear, the bacteria fear and everything put together was just creating panic without knowing the cause of all these germs and viruses and what purpose it serves so it is a fraudulent way of showing and frightening people against virus and bacteria by telling that they are harmful bacteria. All bacteria have a purpose, nothing is harmful because entire life creation is designed by the creator and serves it's purpose.

Just like people are being made to fight between humans in the name of religion, in the name of race and rank, similarly the medical world has created division in the name of viruses and bacteria and given names of diseases. With this formation of virus it is called one particular disease now we have got the biggest hoax called COVID that virus is there.

You may get cough and cold, find it will it will pass off after cleaning your lungs but they frighten and you get hospitalised and they suppress the purpose for which the virus was there and instead of reconstructing your body, you end up giving up your life in the name of that virus.

So Zero Medicine is a wisdom based on the understanding that medical practices is a fraudulent evil practise which meant has adopted for the greed of snatching money from each other and no wonder that is bound to a pin (___) because if a man is going to believe in money and he's going to hold it the other man needs it so he's bound to come up with falsehood and fraudulent ways to pull that money.

So zero medicine wisdom is to realise this - that there is no other medicine other than the medicine which God has created in us there is no healer but the healer in you there is no miracle other than the miracle that is you, who has been created from nowhere.

This is what we teach in in three dimensional understanding...

  • The first one is how clinical and symptom end symptoms of disease guide you to healing. So what is giving fear starts giving you understanding that symptoms are good for us they're guiding us.
  • The second part of our zero medicine wisdom is guiding you on your emotion - how emotions are causing unease if you are going to be negative about it. If there is a very ___ then there is a concern with it and that but very by rejecting the guidance of God can thus cause you digestion problem so emotions are harming us. Understanding our emotion - I'm getting a breakthrough from that is part of zero medicine.
  • The third one is why the emotion comes that is the factor behind emotion where the spiritual guidance comes to you

So all these three points when a person understand he becomes a very holistic wise understanding human and thereafter his entire life will be free from medicine and as a result of that he will not violate his or the minds of other people and start valuing life in general

Thus absolute well being of individual as well as society as well as the world gets established.

Saify, 24 Oct 2021