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Zero Violation Of Mind - [Value Life]

Violation of Mind is the cause of all disease...

So the term "Zero Violation of Mind" is that, come what may, you may want to do many good things but not at the cost of you violating your mind.

In the mind there is an inspired guidance that is guiding you to first be **compassionate to yourself** - first do not violate your mind. If somebody is trying to take advantage of you then in the name of wanting to do good your inspired soul will guide you that this is not the place to do it. If you are emotionally giving into somebody it is at a cost of harming yourself so that is violating your mind you will lose ease.

It's OK to do good deeds but first keeping in mind self compassion, not life. You have to be true first to your life. Being true to anyone else is not only not possible but like how Richard Bach says, it is a mark of the fake Messiah.

So the first criterion is to tell everybody that you follow the sense of comfort and discomfort in your mind. First, ease in the mind manifest in the body so come with me. If you are not hungry, just to satisfy somebody don't take food and if somebody is not hungry, just for satisfying your ___ you cannot force feed anybody.

It applies in all aspects of life just like in education you cannot force feed and give information to somebody who doesn't need it. Everything has to be in a context, so give food when they're hungry give thoughts when they're needed that is why, Imran, even though we have wonderful idea about this absolute well being unless people are willing and committed to listen, it becomes impossible for us to deliver and that is how people are overriding their own guiding inspiration, and by denying to listen to people indeed and by not heeding to their own sense guiding them, they are falling prey to the medical industry because they're chasing money. Medical industries chasing money and you are counting wealth and you are losing your own health you are not realising that it is the food that you need and not the money.

Saify, 24 Oct 2021