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Connect people, share ideas, create a platform for collaboration and harmony.

Shalom, Hariom, Om Shanthi, Salaam, Howdy. Welcome to YieldMore, the path of evolution for sure, sayeth Imran Ali Namazi, Composer / Orchestrator and Architect of a Constructions Conglomerate for BUILDING a better world after DISMANTLING the negative and singing a new anthem of humanity in rock stadiums world over.

Welcome to YieldMore.org

We dream of having 20 20 member organizations empowering the world and working in a equal profit sharing manner that we call the Growing Together Model or New DNA or Growpth Blueprint. With my personal motto of Having Enthusiasm and Touching Lives, I hope to find founders of these "Conscious Businesses" and have a team of 400 by 2025 Oct 15th. Picture Credits Maria.


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We are oft self absorbed or preoccupied and forget that a simple smile or a kindly word or a graceful act can TOUCH someone's life.

We turn to story to replenish our soul and strengthen our heart and hands.

There is no higher creation myth than Tolkien's Ainulindale

  • Why do we never think of helping souls but instead have much insouciance

    In 2018, we recorded this message as I was getting warmed up.

  • Who Speaks for Earth

    Listen to this compelling message from Astronomer and visionary Carl Sagan

At the core, I wanna teach the importance of communication and collective action.. like so

Forging Relationships 95%
Vision for Tech in Organization 80%
Content Writing and Grasp of Spirit 90%
Coding Skills with Amadeus 100%
Ideas for Team Cohesion and Motivation 85%
Works like a maniac 95%

Years since foundation stone was laid


ideas for Collaborators to build upon


Workshops and Courses Foreseen


Groups to Interact with Us

YieldMore.org - Have Enthusiasm, Touch Lives

What Makes us Unique

You could be a first time visitor, apprentice healer, distressed soul, cook, carpenter, college dropout or an edupreneur. All our welcome to our community

We are freethinkers and pacifists

Ultimately mindset on forward thinking minds is what brings the world closer and out of the mire.

Visit or Join our Growth and Healing Spaces

A Cozy Environment, Volumes of Useful and Inspiring Information and peers to engage in conversations and healing with.

Joyful Learning Activities for Children

Our 4 programs for Children are just the tip of the iceberg

We all Pull together as a team

20 Founders are invited to form 20 member teams that share profits equally after efforts have been compensated. This blueprint is the future of business.

Evolving Sunlight and Soulful Moonlight

Our Workshops and Programs for Companies and Charities

Manifesting Realms

Uniting all the Heroes that would cure this world of its maladies, making their heroes ever stronger by enlisting people from the general populace.


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