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Our Life's Mission

We are a progressive community of caring souls trying to network like minded, socially conscious people and organizations.

Join us in our life's mission to help you find and live your life's mission and then share our wisdoms and resources with the world.

Inviting you to a lifelong collaboration, feel free to negotiate a barter system if the figures we propose are beyond budget for now.

We encourage you to make #DirectDonations as you feel supported.

Flexible on how much we charge, we've come up with these base fees.

Thank you for considering collaborations. Please reach out to our team for more.

Our History

The seed of YM dates as far back as 2005(#tripping), was a wordpress multisite idea in 2009 and through 2013 came as multiple epiphanies to Imran - most notably in September and October(#cselian-blog).

YIELD was meant as an anagram for Every Day Is Your Last - a word of caution to spend time wisely. YieldMore as a farming term but in the spiritual sense to mean what crops would you grow if you tended to the weeds of anger and pettiness in your heart and let the germs of goodness and love flourish instead.

2013, from a tech standpoint was also the year biblios made its wordpress appearance though the publishing of works to inspire was put off in Jan 2016 when its last quotes feature was added in wp. In 2017/18 the mantra "Inspire, Curate, Promote & Publish" had found its way to our visiting card and Imran kept shrugging off the monumental inner work that still stands in front of him.

Addled and Muddled in many places - I now make my stand with YM my vision and AW / JE my 2 hands steadfast in front of me.

Main Programs

In 2015, we dubbed the 3 channels Learn, Heal, Share. Then in 2018 - we gave them names Sunlight, Serenity and Symphony.

Today we use these as program groups which are each introduced below. Suggest you see the sitemap for a quick overview of our ideas and services.


  1. Immersive Education course with 7 themes and which includes Critical Thinking and even Unschooling.

  2. PACT Education Forum ideas on the education ecosystem and videos from the Open Mics

  3. Evolving Sunlight fostering care, support and the accumulation of wisdom in the workplace.

  4. PeaceWorks individual growth for college students and young adults, picks up from Upskilling and Mentoring in IE.


  1. Growth and Healing spaces to be allotted for schools, offices and communities

  2. Monty's Resort Where the essence of life is taught viz. "The Way from Within".

  3. Project Sophia If we turned extinct tomorrow, what wisdoms would we share to let others know we lived well and what humanity truly was in pursuit of.


  1. Changemakers get listed and promoted in our network and join the private discussion forum

  2. Farming for a health natural living using the best practices.

  3. Neighbourhoods where OccuPassion, NetWorking is done WorldWide.

Working with Us

We charge, for the time being, for email, spoken, video and in person meetings as per this before we begin a long term engagement.

You are likely to like our ideas and our drive, hence we request you to adjust your priorities in the light of the most preferred ones we may propose or derive together.