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Who is Imran

Sensitive to the world and its problems, Imran began the yieldmore.org journey in 2013 at age 30 where he began compiling and curating useful and inspirational material.

Not long after that he began writing - stories of emotions friends were going through, thinking to help them heal with words and lastly, imperatives to encourage humankind to awaken to the task ahead of establishing the Life Divine.

He writes at https://imran.yieldmore.org/.

Having lent his website building skills to many a cause, now he invites people and member organisations to the yieldmore community - joyfulearth.org.

The ideas he has crystallised over the years are available at https://ideas.yieldmore.org/ and https://yieldmore.org/. He remains a hardy friend and an optimist, though the dreamer in him is yet to turn doer.

Imran @ Vishwas

He currently works with the Vishwas Mental Health Peer Support Group using his personal experience as a reference in getting support for himself and his sense of the mystical to fit the story of friends and peers into expression. He hopes this will be a platform to "Heal With Words".

The Road Ahead: JoyfulEarth

So now, YM has a community - JoyfulEarth where members will have a cohesive voice, come to know about and delight in the works of each other, each given a section of the website that will appear (one at random) on other sites of the network.

YM Join Us - Mar 2018

Hi there, I'm Imran. Life is full of ups and downs and it's really hard to come up when we're down. We just don't know where to turn / what to latch on to and everybody is so busy with their lives / full of their own ideas on how to "fix" ours that we miss out on some timely help. And when we're up, we don't think to look around and find someone to help - someone whose problem we can relate to because we've "been there".

Here at YieldMore.org, we suggest a triad of helping - help us, take help from us, go pay it forward. A social experiment, we are a bunch of caring people, looking out for one another, in an inspired-to-act spirit of oneness and love.

"Collaborate and coexist, not compete", is one of our watch-phrases. As Steven Hawing put it - "Mankind's greatest achievements have come about by talking". And today, we talk across the world and share ideas not just in person, but on the internet. We bring perspectives from all over in a way that's been called "dapple".

YieldMore is trying to streamline the way we use the internet - collaboration, careful editing, declutter and omission of the negative are the words we think of as we set out to share articles and stories, promote people and organizations and curate inspired works of art, all that's positive, uplifting and inspiring - the best of humankind's endeavours.

Were in the midst of human [r]evolution, living in blessed, magical times - the true re-naissance (rebirth) of the 21st century thats gonna make us a civilization par excellence.

Join us as we inspire others to lead an action-packed, "treat every day as you would your last" lifestyle full of learning, healing, sharing and LIVING!

YM Community Invite - 2018

YM is a network of progressively thinking people, inspired by the likes of the city of dawn - Auroville - an experimental township which believes in human unity, the power of aspiration and the will to progress.

It took me 10 years to realize that George Carlin, by being seemingly against most of mankind's endeavours, was actually egging us on to become better people - better in every sense of the word, in every moment of each passing day, in all our actions, interacting with all those around us.

Something we've known all along about people over the world (that they should Reach Out a hand And touch each other, as Peter Frampton says). And we are doing this more and more imaginatively as we learn to live in a new age of bliss - which individuals discover for themselves and then act in a way to share it with their fellow humans.

The age of knowledge, reason, works and love. A Silver Age that wants badly to manifest fully and encompass us all. Not to say that there isn't bad or wrong in the world, or happening to people, but we must strengthen ourselves and then set about setting things right.

Enter a movement such as ours which seeks to share the best learnings on its web platform, and inspire people to come forward and act in a spirit of kindness. While all the world's our stage, we thought that in order to grow, we should facilitate communities to come together, talk, share, make a difference in each other's lives and spawn/support movements and ventures that affect us all.

Belong to a club or a neighbourhood or an ngo? Join us at yieldmore.org/communities/ where we will support you in developing a vision and activities, implementing them, addressing the needs of your every last member, bringing in people from our network to bounce ideas off and exchange learning.

Later we will find ways to work together on our education forum, skills development, parenting group, sharing of ideas through curation, social work, movements, environment, care for the elderly, school for positive thinking etc.

Now watch as our numbers swell and our ranks grow.