A Catalyst for the New Age

We want to become a catalyst, magnifying the Acts of Kindness around, by telling the stories of everyday heroes and linking them.

Thoughts for Self and Social Development

Our ideas, since 2013, have always been “for the greater good” and have spanned legacy, archives, ideas, programs and Imran’s writing.

Self Expression

Find poise and let speak your voice. Look for inner strength and ways to heal through words and acts.

Tightly Knit Teams

Find people to toil besides on your dreams that uplift and cherish all of humankind.

More for Yourself

On a path of Self Discovery, let’s discuss ways to get more at work, in our families and schools, and neighbourhoods.

Ideas and Programs

Help us develop our ideas and programs into serious game changers for all involved.

Direct Donations

In time, we will list charities that you can donate to / volunteer for. They will be direct and we do not wish to become aggregators.

Growth and Healing

Host us with dedicated Growth and Healing Spaces that cater to a community.

Amore (Love) – Mar 2004

It takes an instants courage/impulse to tear off the dark drapes from our walls
And open the windows and leap into the fray of life…

“There is no deeper joy than looking life through the eyes of a child, no higher duty than to rise to the occasion in front of you.”

Imran Ali Namazi

Founder – Writer, YieldMore.org